Modern Achievements of Cosmonautics – Petrov et al.

In this post, we will see the book Modern Achievements Of Cosmonautics by B. Petrov; K. Bushuyev; A. Koval’; A. Vinogradov; S. Sokolov; K. Kondrat’yev; A. Nikolayev; V. Sevast’yanov; G. Narimanov; N.Pisarenko; A. Prokhorov; B. Shteynshleyger.

About the book

Glorious pages in the heroic annals of the conquest of space have been written in the past year, by the flights of the Soviet unmanned spacecraft Luna-21, which delivered Lunakhod-2 to the sur­ face of our natural satellite, and the Prognoz, Kosmos and other series of earth satellites. Working consultations are continuing, on conduct of the important international experiment of docking the Soyuz and Apollo spacecraft in 1975.
The collection, compiled mainly from materials published in the central press, tells of these achievements. The commentaries of well-known Soviet scientists and engineers acquaint the readers with an extensive group of problems.

Translation of “Sovremennyye Dostizheniya Kosmonavtiki, Sbornik, R. Basurin (ed,) “Znaniye” Press, Moscow, 1973 (Novoye v shisni, nauke, i tekhnike. Seriya “Kosmonavtika, astronomiya,” 12), pp. 1-6*1.

The book was translated from Russian by was published in 1975 by NASA Technical Translations.

Original scan by NASA Technical Translation.

You can get the book here.

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Automation in Space, B. Petrov 1

Lunakhod-2 in Lemonnier Crater, A. Koval; 5

Mutual Assistance in Space, K.Bushuev 20

Lunakhod-2: Preliminary Research Results, A. Vinogradov and S. Sokolov 39

The Colors of Space, K. Kondrat’yev, A. Nikolayev and V. Sevast’yanov . 51

Prognoz Reports, G. Narimanov and N. Pisarenko 57

Radio Bridges Through the Universe, A. Prokhorov and B. Shteynshleyger 63

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