Aksel Berg A Man Of 20th Century – Radunskaya

In this post, we will see the book Aksel Berg A Man Of 20th Century by I. L. Radunskaya. This books is a part of the Outstanding Soviet Scientists series

About the book

His life, in essence, consisted of several separate lives. or just the third of the lives, he would merit a biography all the same. Because each of his lives would be sufficient to make a full-blooded biography of an outstanding man.

In fact, the first life is the life of a nobleman, a czarist officer who sided with the Revolution and became one of the first Red navigators, first radio physicist and one of the fathers of cybernetics. A tragic event nearly killed him. But he was destined to know a new fate, to become an admiral, an Academician, a Deputy Minister of Defence, a Hero of Socialist Labour. He was instrumental in developing Soviet radar science, one of the wonders of the century. A myocardial infarction, several years taken away by diseases. But. . .A third life begins. The 66-year-old Berg again puts up a fight, a fight for cybernetics. It was not without good reason that his friends jokingly called the science cy-Berg-netics. A new life of the scientist. True, on the surface of it this life had no major upheavals, no exciting events — no battles and gales. If the earlier years is a novel of action, then this life is a novel of thought. It is a clash of ideas! Some excerpts from his note-books: “After the dust of centuries has settled down, we will be remembered not only for our victories and defeats in warfare or politics, but also for what we have accomplished for the future spiritual development of man.” “Nobody must be great or wise, but everybody must be honest…” “Admiration for outstanding people produces natural desire to emulate them.” It is in this hope that I begin my story.

Translated from the Russian by Alexander Repyeu
First published 1986
Revised from the 1971 Russian edition

You can get the book here.

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