Fundamentals Of Television Engineering – Kazinik, Safroshin

In this post, we will see the book Fundamentals Of Television Engineering by M. Kazinik; N. Safroshin.

About the book

Television has come to play an important part in life today. In science, engineering and the national economy, it is a means of observation, control and communication. For the public at large, it is a means of education and recreation.In industry, television facilitates the organization of centra­lized control of manufacturing processes and observation of the operation of machines and instruments in inaccessible places. Thus, special television cameras housed in air- or water-cooled casings are used to transmit information on conditions in blast and open-hearth furnaces, and the opera­tion of nuclear reactors.At large railroad terminals, television systems are used in marshalling operations. At sea and river ports, they control loading and unloading operations. Submarine television instal­lations have been developed; as far back as 1952 work was begun in the USSR to use television in astronomy. Television installations are being successfully employed as training aids, for automation of manufacturing processes and in di­ verse other fields. Television is now an important means in
space research and the study of other planets.This book has been written to facilitate training of the highly skilled personnel required for maintenance and repair of conventional television receivers and industrial television
installations.It conforms with the curriculum for vocational training of installation and repair mechanics. The physical aspects of the phenomena discussed are considered in detail.The book contains a large number of circuit arrangements and diagrams of conventional TV sets. A special chapter deals with the main principles of colour television. The book is easy to read and understand. Radio amateurs with an elementary knowledge of electricity and radio will find it helpful.

Translated from the Russian by Yu. Yudin

Revised from the 1967 Russian Edition in 1970

You can get the book here.

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