Moscow A Short Guide – Kovalyov

In this post, we will see the book Moscow A Short Guide by A. Kovalyov.

About the book

An introduction to Moscow and its surroundings. Covers some of the major attractions in the city with useful information.

The book was translated from Russian by Victor M. Schneierson and designed by G. Dauman.

The book was published in 1960 by Foreign Languages Publishing House.

You can get the book here.

Original scan by DLI.

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Introduction 5

The Kremlin 27

Red Square – Revolution Square – Sverdlov Square – Okhotny Ryad 40

Manege Square – Gorky St. – Leningradsky Prospekt – Novo-Pesohanaya St. – 6th Street of Oktyabrskoye Field – Khoroshovskoye Highway – Begovaya St 55

Mayakovsky Square – Vosstaniye Square – Smolenskaya Square – Krymsky Bridge – Leninsky Prospekt – Lenin Hills – University – Dimitrov St. – Sofiiskaya Embankment – Red Square 74

Smolenskaya Square – Kutuzovsky Prospekt – Fili 98

Manage Square – Mokhovaya St. – Kropotkin St. – Luzhniki (Lenin Stadium) 102

Sverdlov Square – Kirov St. – Komsomolskaya Square – Sadovaya St. – Prospect Mira – U.S.S.R. Economic Achievement Exhibition – Ostankino 118
The Metro 137

Useful Information 146

Museums and Exhibitions 150
Theatres 157
Churches and Meeting-Houses 159
Name Index 163



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