Library of Dreams…

So many books yet to be done…


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I am The Mitr, The Friend
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6 Responses to Library of Dreams…

  1. Ken Barclay says:

    Frankly, some of the best books I’ve ever read came from your shelves..



  2. I request you ” Damitr ” Please add more chemistry books as much as you . I will be highly obliged to you.


  3. arkamqm says:

    Is it a library or a bookshop?


  4. Sistla says:

    Delighted to see your library. I have around 270 books from Mir publishers. Need some more as my wish list contains 50 more.


  5. Sistla says:

    Could not resist posting my comments again. Dear Mitr, is this your collection? I am interested in some of the titles. Can I purchase from you?


  6. nikemaul says:

    Thank you so much for sharing knowledge. Writen culture is human’s inheritance and it has been created through the work of everyone so sharing to the public is the most valuable act of respect and something we all must thank you.

    It is surprising how many medicine books exist and I have never seen one before. I’m excited wainting for the Electrical engineering book.

    Thanks for your work and time


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