A Collection Of Problems (Higher Mathematics) – Bugrov, Nikolsky

In this post we will see the problem book A Collection Of Problems ( Higher Mathematics) by Ya. S. Bugrov; S. M. Nikolsky.

About the book

This collection of about 1200 problems has been compiled for the following three textbooks by the same authors: Fundamentals o f Linear Algebra and Analytical Geometry. Differential and Integral Calculus. Differential Equa­tions. Multiple Integrals. Series. Theory Functions of a Complex Variable, thus completing a course in higher mathe­matics for engineering students and forming a four-book series entitled “Higher Mathematics”. Academician S. Nikolsky is the author of the two-volume textbook A Course of Mathematical Analysis issued in Eng­lish by Mir Publishers in 1977 and re­ printed in 1981.
All the problems are provided with ans­wers, some of the problems are sup­plied with hints. The book contains many worked problems.
At the beginning of each section refer­ences are given indicating the chapters and sections of the above mentioned books where the corresponding theo­retical material can be found.

The book was translated from the Russian by Leonid Levant and was published by Mir Publishers in 1984.

You can get the book here.


Preface 9

Chapter 1. Introduction to Analysis 11

Chapter 2. Integrals 25

Chapter 3. Fundamentals of Linear Algebra and Analytical 33

Chapter 4. Functions of Several Variables 57

Chapter 5. Series 64

Chapter 6. Differential Equations 69

Chapter 7. Multiple Integrals 79

Chapter 8. Vector Analysis 86

Chapter 9. Fourier Series and Fourier Integral 100

Chapter 10. Equations of Mathematical Physics

Chapter 11. Functions of a Complex Variable 108

Chapter 12. Operational Calculus 122


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