Forging Practice – Kamenshchikov, Koltun, Naumov, Chernobrovkin

In this post, we will see the book Forging Practice by G. Kamenshchikov; S. Koltun; V. Naumov; B. Chernobrovkin.

About the book

All machines are built up of parts made of different materials and by various manufacturing processes. Some parts are cast from metals; some are forged, while others are produced by machining on different kinds of machine tools. Castings and forgings have to be machined before they acquire their proper shape, exact dimensions and surface finish. Forged parts, whether they are to be machined or not, are called forgings. This book describes various technologies used in the forgings.

The book was translated from Russian (translator’s name is not mentioned) was published  by Peace Publishers in 1960.

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You can get the book here.

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Introduction 7
The Importance of Forging in Machine Building7

Chapter I. Bench Operations 8
Chapter II. Introduction to Forging Practice 18
Chapter III. Fuel and Its Combustion 36
Chapter IV. Heating Devices. 60
Chapter V. Heating Steel for Forging 101
Chapter VI. Chief Hand-Forging Operations 115
Chapter VII. The Influence of Deformation on Forgings and the Calculation of Forgings 161
Chapter VIII. Hammers for Hammer Forging 190
Chapter IX. Forging Operations and Hammer Forging Tools 232
Chapter X. The Technological Process and Examples of Hammer Forging 259
Chapter XI. Forging presses and Their Operation 278
Chapter XII. Automatic Forging and Stamping Machines 313
Chapter XIII. Drop-Forging (Hot Stamping) 322
Chapter XIV. Special Features of Forging Non-Ferrous Metals and Their Alloys 366
Chapter XV. Heat Treatment, Defects and Inspection of Forgings 368
Chapter XVI. Organisation of Work and of the Working Place 376
Chapter XVII. Safety Engineering 398

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