The Wold Chess Crown Challenge Kasparov V. Kaprov Seville 87 – Bronstein

In this post, we will see the book The Wold Chess Crown Challenge Kasparov V. Kaprov Seville 87 by David Bronstein.

About the book

The games of Kasparov-Karpov match are annotated by International Grandmaster David Bronstein who was challenger for the World title in 1950s; he reached a draw with Mikhail Botvinnik in the match for the world chess crown. Over recent years Bronstein has rarely appeared in tournaments but has established himself as an outstanding chess commentator and analyst. He is the author of many original books on the subject of chess and his annotations are easy to follow for chess fans of all levels.

The book was translated from Russian by Oleg Zilbert was published in 1988 by Raduga Publishers.

All credits to our old friend gnv64

You can get the book here and here.

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GAME ONE. Gruenfeld Defence 7
GAME TWO. English Opening 10
GAME THREE. Gruenfeld Defence 18
GAME FOUR. English Opening. 21
GAME FIVE. Gruenfeld Defence 26
GAME S1X. English Opening. 31
GAME SEVEN. Gruenfeld Defence 35
GAME EIGHT. English Opening 44
GAME NINE. Gruenfeld Defence 50
GAME TEN. Caro-Kann Defence 56
GAME ELEVEN. Gruenfeld Defence 59
GAME TWELVE. Queen’s Gambit Declined 64
GAME THIRTEEN. Gruenfeld Defence. 67
GAME FOURTEEN. Caro-Kann Defence 89
GAME FIFTEEN. Gruenfeld Defence 92
GAME SIXTEEN. English Opening O7
GAME SEVENTEEN. King’s Indian Defence 105
GAME EIGHTEEN. Queen’s Gambit Declined 110
GAME NINETEEN. Queen’s Gambit Declined 115
GAME TWENTY. Queen’s Gambit Declined. 122
GAME TWENTY-ONE. Gruenfeld Defence 127
GAME TWENTY-TWO. Queen’s Gambit 132
GAME TWENTY-THREE. Gruenfeld Defence 136
GAME TWENTY-FOUR. RetI Opening 145

David Bronstein. Points Scored and Moves Played 155

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