Domination In 2,545 Endgame Studies – Kasparyan

In this post, we will see the book Domination In 2,545 Endgame Studies by Ghenrikh M. Kasparyan.

About the book

This worldwide anthology of endgame studies is divided into thematic sections in which White wins by trapping pieces. The stud­ies were selected with a view to presenting a clear picture of the rise and development of different ideas and enabling the reader to appraise the past and present of endgame composition in the sphere of piece-trapping.
Problems relating to the creative development of endgame com­ position are examined her;’). Naturally, when generalising the crea­tive chess process of the past century, one must consider, in addition to outstanding works, others that are far from the best. Only a com­parison of endgame studies of dh-erse genres, styles, scale and qual­ity can reveal the many different ways in which ideas have arisen and developed. This is the only means of tracing the progress of endgame composition and forecasting its future roads.
Composers will find the book helpful in coping with some specific difficulties, such as the search for precedents. It may also prove useful in the eternal quest for new ideas.
Rank-and-file players will find the analyf’.is of endgames helpful in improving their chess skills. They will see beautiful examples of creativity by endgame composers of all times. On the \vhole, the book may be of interest to a broad range of skilled chess players.
The systematisation and classification aim at tracing the develop­ment of ideas. Accurate data on the initial publication of endgames (time and source) are not always available, especially in the case of very old ones, and whenever the authenticity of such information is doubtful it has not been given.
The sequence of the endgames presented here was determined by the chronology and kinship of separate branches. It easily guides the reader through the vast material presented.
Work on the book entailed the inevitable difficulties connected with the examination of a tremendous amount of material. It is up to the reader to judge how successfully the author has coped with his main task, that of demonstrating the rise and development of positions and ideas in the sphere of trapping pieces.

The book was translated from Russian by A. Krivoviaz  and designed by M. Melik-Pashayeva and T. Rudenke. The book was published in 1980 by Progress Publishers.

All credits to our old friend gnv64.

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Preface? 5
Introduction 7

Part One. Trapping Minor Pieces. 9

(Numbers in bracket indicate the Endgame Nos.)

Chapter 1. Minor Piece Traps Minor Piece 9 (1-61)
Chapter 2. Two Minor Pieces Trap One 28 (62-268)
Chapter 3. Two Minor Pieces Versus Two. 70 (269-309 )
Chapter 4. Three Minor Pieces Versus One or Two 78 (310-349 )
Chapter 5. Rook (with Pawns) Versus Minor Pieces 86 (350-432)
Chapter 6. Rook with Minor Piece (or Queen) Versus Two Minor Pieces 105 (433-677)

Part Two. Trapping the Rook 451

Chapter 1. Minor Piece Traps Rook 152 (678-728)
Chapter 2. Two Minor Pieces Trap Rook 162 (729-840)
Chapter 3. Two Knights and Bishop Trap Rook 185 (841-902)
Chapter 4. Rook Traps Rook 195 (903-1005)
Chapter 5. Trapping the Rook with Other Forces 215 (1006-1076)

Part Three. Trapping the Queen 230

Chapter 1. Minor Pieces Trap Queen 230 (1077-1436)
Chapter 2. Rooks Trap Queen 300 (1437-1508)
Chapter 3. Rook and Minor Piece Trap Queen 344 (1509-1724)
Chapter 4. Rook and Two Minor Pieces or Two Rooks and Minor Piece Trap Queen 356 (1725-1877)
Chapter 5. Queen Traps Queen 387 (1878-1998)
Chapter 6. Queen and Minor Piece Trap Queen 412 (1999-2395)

Part Four. Trapping Pieces with Other Forces 498

Chapter 1. Two Rooks Trap Rook and Minor Piece 498 (2396-2440)
Chapter 2. Rook and Two Minor Pieces (or One) Trap Rook and Minor Piece (2441-2476)
Chapter 3. Two Rooks and Minor Piece Trap Two Rooks and Minor Piece 514 (2477-2481)
Chapter 4. Queen Traps Rook and Minor Piece 516 (2482-2505)
Chapter 5. Queen and Rook Trap Queen and Rook (or Bishop) (2506-2519)
Chapter 6. Checkers Combinations 524 (2520-2539)
Chapter 7. Mauling Black’s Forces 528 (2540-2545)
Concluding Remarks 534
Index of Composers 533
Bibliography 540




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