A Brief Course In Analytic Geometry – Yefimov

In this post, we will see the book A Brief Course In Analytic Geometry by N. Yefimov.

About the book

Written by Professor N. Yefimov, Dr. Phys. Math. Sc., this book presents, in concise form, the theoretical foundations of plane and solid analytic geometry. Also, an elementary outline of the theory of determinants is given in the Appendix.

The textbook is intended for students of higher educational institutions and for engineers engaged in the field of quadric surface design.

The book is illustrated with 122 drawings.

The book was translated from Russian by O. Soroka and was published in 1962 by Peace Publishers.

Credits to original uploader.

You can get the book here.

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Chapter 1. Coordinates on a Straight Line and in a Plane 11
Chapter 2. Elementary Problems of Plane Analytic Geometry 23
Chapter 3. The Equation of a Curve 41
Chapter 4. Curves of the First Order 55
Chapter 5. Geometric Properties of Curves of the Second Order 75
Chapter 6. Transformation of Equations by Change of Coordinates 116


Chapter 7. Some Elementary Problems of Solid Analytic Geometry 131
Chapter 8. Linear Operations on Vectors 143
Chapter 9. The Scalar Product of Vectors 157
Chapter 10. The Vector and Triple Scalar Products of Vectors 163
Chapter 11. The Equation of a Surface and the Equalions of a Curve 178
Chapter 12. The Plane as the Surface of the First Order. the Equations of a Straight Line 185
Chapter 13. Quadric Surfaces 207

Appendix. The Elements of the Theory of Determinants. 225


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