A Course Of Mineralogy – Betekhtin

In this post, we will see the book A Course Of Mineralogy by A. Betekhtin.

About the book

Mineralogy is one of the geological sciences concerned with the study of the earth’s crust. The term literally means the science of minerals and embraces all aspects of minerals including their genesis. The word mineral comes from “minera”, which once meant an ore specimen, which shows that it dates back to the beginnings of mining.

This book introduces the reader to various types of minerals and their classification, their composition, their physical and chemical properties.

The book was translated from Russian by Translated from the Russian by
V. Agol and edited by A. Gurevich. The book was published in 1966 by Peace Publishers.

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You can get the book here.

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Introduction 11

CHAPTER I. The Earth’s Crust. Structure and Composition 29
CHAPTER II. Properties of Minerals 37
CHAPTER III. Methods for Detailed Study of Minerals 88
CHAPTER IV. Formation of Minerals in Nature 100

Classification of Minerals 135

SECTION I. Native Elements and Intermetallic Compounds 140
SECTION II. Sulphides, Sulphosalts, and Similar Compounds 169
SECTION III. Halides 236
SECTION. IV, Oxides 252
SECTION V. Oxygen Salts (Oxysalts)

Anhydrous Phosphates, Arsenates, and Vanadates 402
Hydrous Phosphates, Arsenates, and Vanadates 412

Class 8, Silicates 425


CHAPTER I. Minerals of the Earth’s Crust 585

CHAPTER II. Mineral Associations in Rocks and Ore Deposits 590
1. List of the Most Important Minerals Grouped According to Principal Metals (Elements) 622
Index 633

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