A Short Handbook of Heat Treatment – Kamenichny

In this post, we will see A Short Handbook Of Heat Treatment by I. Kamenichny .

About the book

The present hand book aims at giving the operating personnel of heat-treatment shops a reference book which would serve to overcome difficulties arising in everyday practice.
The handbook describes heat-treatment charts, heat-treatment procedures for tools, parts of lathes, automobiles, and agricultural machinery.
In addition the handbook deals briefly with the following subjects: quality control of metals before and after heat-treatment; heat-treatment and case-hardening of steel; heat-treatment of cast iron, non-ferrous metals, and alloys. The book also contains some practical hints on safety engineering.

The book was translated from Russian by I. Savin and designed V. Novoselova. The book was published in 1969 by Peace Publishers.

Original scan is by Digital Library of India project. We have cleaned and optimised the file.

You can get the book here.

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Preface 5

Chapter I. Physical Characteristics 7

1. Mechanical Characteristics 7
2. Thermal Characteristics 8
3. Electrical Characteristics 9
4. Some Properties of Elements and Materials Dealt with in Heat-treatment of Metals 10

Chapter II. Quality Control of Metals 13

1. Hardness 13
2. Detection of Cracks in Metals 22
3. Approximate Determination of Steel Composition 94

Chapter III. Steel 26

1. Constituents of Steel 26
2. Structure of Iron and Steel. Equilibrium Diagram of Iron-carbon Alloys 26
3. Alloying Elements and Their Effect on the Properties of Steel 31
4. Chemical Composition and. ‘Hardness of Market Steels 31
5. Common Uses of Various Grades of Steels and Alloys 61

Chapter IV. Heat-treatment of Steel 74

1. Heating of Steel 74
2. Oxidation and Decarburisation on Heating 76
3. Annealing 78
4. Normalising 81
5. Hardening 81
6. Tempering 93

Chapter V. Case-hardening 104

1. Carburising 104
2. Nitriding 113
3. Cyaniding 116
4. Calorising 122
5. Sulphiding (sulphating) 122
6. Cleaning and Pickling of Articles after Heat-treatment 128
7. Anticorrosion Protection for Articles after Heat-treatment 129

Chapter VI. Heat-treatment Technology 130

1. Approximate Heat-treatment Schedules and Mechanical Properties of Various Grades of Steels 130
2. Practical Hints on Heat-treatment of Articles 161

Chapter VII. Heat-treatment of Cast Iron 197

Chapter VIII. Heat-treatment of Non-ferrous Metals 201

Chapter IX. Forging of Ferrous and Non-ferrous Metals 203

1. Forging of Steel 223
2. Forging of Non-ferrous Metals 230

Chapter: X. Manufacture of Built-up Cutting Tools 234

Chapter: XI. Equipment, Fuel and Accessory Materials for Heat-treatment 243

1. Furnaces 243
2. Refractories 252
3. Fuel 252
4. Temperature Control Instruments 254

Chapter: XII. Safety Engineering 268


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