The Call of The Cosmos – Tsiolkovsky

In this post, we will see the book The Call Of The Cosmos by K. Tsiolkovsky.

About the book

Taken as a whole, this book makes interesting, even fascinating reading. Tsiolkovsky’s stories are of tremendous interest and urge us to ponder over the many purely specific problems of space travel. They will, undoubtedly, increase the number of enthusiasts in this branch of science and technology. His “On the Moon”, “Outside the Earth” and other stories afford hours of entertainment and leave a lasting impression.
Illustrated here is the world outlook of Konstantin Tsiolkovsky, original thinker, self-taught scientist, founder and keen enthusiast of space travel. Though man is bound by every fibre to his home-planet, Tsiolkovsky argues that he stands to gain immeasurably by gradually conquering space. Life in space, where there is no acceleration of gravity in relation to manned spacecraft, or even on such objects as the Moon or the asteroids, where the gravity is negligible compared with the Earth’s, presents tremendous advantages, Tsiolkovsky claims, since with the same effort it is possible there to accomplish an in­ comparably greater amount of work. In addition, in the absence of disease-producing germs and drawing on the Sun’s continuous radiation, it will be possible to cultivate
in artificial hothouses with temperature control and air-conditioning, various kinds of plants, which provide food for a human population and also consume the excreta of animal organisms.

The various sections in the book were translated from Russian by A. Shkarovsky, V. Talmy, X. Danko, and D. Myshne. The translation was edited by V. Dutt. The book was published in 1960 by Foreign Language Publishing House.

Original scan from Digital Library of India project.

You can get the book here.

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FOREWORD. Translated by A. Shkarovsky 5

ON THE MOON. Translated by A. Shkarovsky 10
DREAMS OF EARTH AND SKY. Translated by D. Myshne 52
ON VESTA. Translated by A. Shkarovsky 155
OUTSIDE THE EARTH. Translated by V. Talmy 261
THE AIMS OF ASTRONAUTICS. Translated by X. Danko 333
CHANGES IN RELATIVE WEIGHT. Translated by A. Shkarovsky 373
LIVING BEINGS IN THE COSMOS. Translated by X. Danko 400
BIOLOGY OF DWARFS AND GIANTS. Translated by A. Shkarovsky 420
ISLAND OF ETHER. Translated by A. Shkarovsky 428
BEYOND THE EARTH’S ATMOSPHERE. Translated by A. Shkarovsky 441


I. To Inventors of Reaction-Propelled Machines. 467
II. Is This Mere Fantasy? 469
III. Pages from a Young.Man’s Notebook. 471


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