The Three Bears – Tolstoy

In this post, we will see the book The Three Bears by Leo Tolstoy.

About the book

In this little book a family of bears, father bear, mother bear and little bear Misha, find a little girl in their home. The little girl has drank their soup, broken their chair and sleeping in their beds. What will the bear family do?

This is Tolstoy’s version for “Goldilocks and the Three Bears”.The girl intruder is not named, and has been interpreted as a Napoleon figure, invading and wrecking the home of the good Russian bears, but ultimately being beaten back as Napoleon was in 1812. The story was also popular in Soviet times where mistrust of outsiders was encouraged. Source

The book was translated from Russian by Iyv Litvinov and was illustrated by Yuri Vasnetsov. The book was printed several times, the current scan is for the 1989 print by Raduga Publishers.

All credits to Guptaji.

You can get the book here (cleaned) and here.

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