Mining of Mineral Deposits – Shevyakov

In this post, we will see the book Mining of Mineral Deposits by L. Shevyakov.

About the book

A textbook on mining technology and processes. The book is a treatise on various aspects of mining. The first part covers open mining. The chapters 2 and 3 discuss opening up of coal and ore deposits. Chapters 4-6 discusses shafts, plants and structures required for open mining. underground and open cut mines. The second part is about the underground aspects of mining. It discusses various methods and modes of extraction of coal and ores. The final part talks about open cut mining with discussions about open pits.

The book was translated from the Russian by V. Schiffer and edited by G. Ivanov-Mumjiev. The book was published Foreign Languages Publishing House in 1963.

Credits to original uploader.

Note: Some pages have slightly unreadable parts due to bad scans.

You can get the book here.

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Chapter I. Basic Concepts and Terminology 15

Chapter II. Opening Up of Coal and Other Stratified Deposit 30

Chapter III. Opening up of Ore Deposits 96

Chapter IV. Choice of site for shafts 109
Chapter V. Surface Plants and Structures of a Mine 125

Chapter VI. Shaft Stations. 136


Chapter VII. Basic Concepts and Terminology 155

Chapter VIII. Filling 161

Chapter IX. Choice of mining methods and modes of extraction 187

Chapter X. General Surveyor Coal Seam Mining Methods 217

Chapter XI. Stoping in a Continuous Face 223

Chapter XII. Continuous Methods of Mining 312

Chapter XIII. Pillar Methods of Alining 337

Chapter XV. Mining of Thick Seams 364

Chapter XVI Underground Gasification of Coal 426

Chapter XVII. Hydraulic Mining of Coni 430

Chapter XVIII. Methods of Mining Rock and Potash Sails 437

Chapter XIX. Choice of Methods for Mining Ore Deposits 408

Chapter XX. Mining of Thin and Medium-Thick Ore Deposits 470

Chapter XXI. Methods of Mining Thick Ore Deposits 506

Chapter XXII. Mining of Contiguous Beds 560

Chapter XXIII. Effects of Underground Excavations on the Ground Surface 572

Chapter XXIV. Classification and Choice of Mining Methods 584


Chapter XXV. Basic Definitions and Terminology 593

Chapter XXVI Equipment and Layouts of Open Pits 609

Subject Index 677

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