Lectures on Nuclear Theory – Landau, Smorodinsky

In this post, we will see the book Lectures On Nuclear Theory by L. D. Landau; Ya. Smorodinsky.

About the book

This book is based on a series of lectures delivered to experimental physicists by one of the authors (L. Landau) in Moscow in 1954.

In maintaining the lecture form in the printed edition we are emphasizing the fact that the presentation makes no pretense at completeness and that the choice of subject matter is purely arbitrary.

Since there is, at the present time, no rational theory of nuclear forces, we have limited our conclusions concerning nuclear structure to those which can be reached from an analysis of the available experimental data, using only general quantum-mechanical relations.

No attempt has been made to give a bibliography of the literature; rather we have indicated only new experimental results.

The book was translated from Russian and was published in 1959.

Credits to the original uploader.

You can get the book here.

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Foreword V

LECTURE ONE: Nuclear Forces 1

LECTURE TWO: Nuclear Forces (Scattering of Nucleons by Nucleons) 13

LECTURE THREE: Nuclear Forces (Scattering of Nucleons at High Energies) 23

LECTURE FOUR: Nuclear Structure (Independent Particle Model) 33

LECTURE FIVE: Structure of the Nucleus (Light Nuclei) 43

LECTURE SIX: Structure of the Nucleus (Heavy Nuclei) 53

LECTURE SEVEN: Nuclear Reactions (Statistical Theory) 69

LECTURE EIGHT: Nuclear Reactions (Optical Model. Deuteron Reactions) 77

LECTURE NINE: 𝜋-Mesons 87

LECTURE TEN: Interaction of 𝜋-Mesons with Nucleons 99

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