Quantum Mechanics – Sokolov, Loskutov, Ternov

In this post, we  will see the book Quantum Mechanics by A. A. Sokolov, T. M. Loksutov, I. M. Ternov.

About the book

This book is specifically a “textbook” for learning the physical content of quantum mechanics. There is a pleasing progression from the gross quantum effects (blackbody radiation, photoelectric effect, specific heats) to typical quantum mechanical behavior (spreading of wave packets, barrier penetration, stationary states, spin and angular momentum multiplets) to the more refined quantum phenomenology (fine structure, effect of the nucleus on atomic structure, quantum fluctuations of the electromagnetic field, coupling of angular momentums in multielectron atoms and molecules). At each stage of remoteness from everyday experi­ence some of the conceptually and computationally abstruse parts of the theory are dealt with in explicit detail that emphasizes the real observability of the phenomenon. The mathematical form of the theory is thereby dictated by the necessity of having a notational apparatus that is sufficiently rich and flexible to embrace the scope of actual observable effects.

The book was translated from the Russian by Scripta Technica and was published in 1966 by Holt.

You can get the book here.


1. The Quantum Theory of Light 3
2. The Bohr Quantum Theory 20
3. Wave Properties of Particles 41
4. The Time-Independent Schrodinger Wave Equation 57
5. The Time-Dependent Schrodinger Wave Equation 73
6. Basic Principles of the Quantum Theory of Conductivity 97
7. Statistical Interpretation of Quantum Mechanics 119
8. Average Values of Operators. Change of Dynamic Variables with Time 127
9. Elementary Theory of Radiation 141
10. The Linear Harmonic Oscillator 149
11. General Theory of Motion of a Particle in a Centrally Symmetric Field 168
12. The Rotator 185
13. The Theory of the Hydrogen-like Atom (Kepler’s Problem) 203
14. Time-Independent Perturbation Theory 231
Basic principles and fundamental equations of perturbation theory. Non-degenerate case. Degenerate case. Secular equation.


15. The Klein-Gordon Scalar Relativistic Wave Equation 259
16. Motion of an Electron in a Magnetic Field. Electron Spin 268
17. The Dirac Wave Equation 285
18. The Dirac Theory of the Motion of an Electron in a Central Field of Force 293
19. The Dirac Equation in Approximate Form 308
20. The Fine Structure of the Spectra of Hydrogen-like Atoms 314
21. The Effect of Nuclear Si rue lure on Atomic Spectra 334
22. Electron-Positron Vacuum and the Electromagnetic Vacuum 347
23. Theory of the Helium Atom Neglecting Spin Slates 358
24. Elementary Theory of Multielectron Atoms Including Spin States 378
25. Optical Spectra of Alkali Metals 397
26. Mendeleyev’s Periodic System of Elements 420
27. Tin1Theory of Simple Molecules 437


28. Elastic Scattering of Particles 465
29. Second Quantization 480

APPENDIX A. Hilbert Space and Transformation Theory 497
APPENDIX B. The Statistical Assertions of Quantum Mechanics

505 PROBLEMS 511


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3 Responses to Quantum Mechanics – Sokolov, Loskutov, Ternov

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  2. Hitesh says:

    Thanks for sharing this. There is another book the same title and 2 authors are also same. Quantum Mechanics by A.A.Sokolov, I.M.Teranov, V.Ch.Zhukovskii (Mir Pub., Moscow)


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