Geology in Pictures – Chlenov

In this post, we will see the book Geology in Pictures by Anatoli Chlenov.


About the book

This book tells children about geology which literally means the study of the Earth, about people who search for minerals, and many other things.

The book follows question and answer format about various aspects of geology: its scope,  contents, methods and its mysteries. Questions are answered in a way that will make the readers want to know more. There are lavish two-page colour illustrations for every section.


But I am in love with crayon monochrome drawings (which are also part of the colour spreads):


I wish I was able to draw something like this!

The book is a part of Discovery series of books meant for young children.


We might see other books in this series in the future.

The book was translated from the Russian by Graham Whittaker and gorgeous illustrations are by Andrei Platonov. The book was published in 1990 by Raduga, perhaps one of the last ones to get published, also has an ISBN number: 505002496X.

The Internet Archive Link

(all credits to Guptaji)


1. Who are geologists? What is geology?

People in the mountains 7
Geology? What is it? 7
Look around… 10

2. The Earth’s storehouses

What are mineral deposits? 14
What colour is coal? 14
Let me tell you about cement 18
Black gold 18
Water, water, everywhere 22
The sun-stone 26

3. The science of the Earth

The secrets of our planet 30
How was our planet formed? 34
Where do mountains, seas and plains come from? 38
The Earth’s great masters 42
How they work 42
Underground cities 46

4. How geologists work

Mysterious traces 50
How oil was found 50
Where did you find these flowers? 54
Attention! Detonate! 54
Journey into the depths of the Earth 55
The scout in the sky 58

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