A picture book of astronomy – Levin, Radlova

In this post, we will see A picture book of astronomy by Boris Levin and Lidia Radlova.


About the book

The book has several topics in basic astronomy in the form of questions and answers (total 16). Each question is answered at a level that can be understood by children and illustrated gorgeously.

The book was translated from the Russian by Tracy Kuehn, and the wonderful drawings are by Elizaveta Radlova and was published by Raduga in 1988.

Translation of: Astronomii︠a︡ v kartinkakh.


The Internet Archive

(All credits to Guptaji)


How Many Stars Are in the Sky?

What Is a Constellation?

Why Are the Dippers in the Sky Called Bears?

How to Find the North Star

How Do We Know the Earth Is Round?

Why Is There Night and Day?

Why Is There Summer and Winter?

Which Heavenly Bodies Are Called Planets?

What Are Our Neighbors Venus and Mars Like?

Which Is Bigger, the Sun or the Moon?

How Far Is It to the Moon?

How Far to the Sun?

Why Does the Moon Change Shape?

Why Can We See a Face on the Moon?

What Did the Astronauts Who Landed on the Moon See?

Why Is the Sun Brighter Than the Stars?

What Is a Falling Star?

What Paths Do Man-Made Satellites and Space Rockets Take?

What Does the Earth and Sky Look to Astronauts?

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  1. Bharati Narvekar says:

    May I get these books translated in marathi?


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