The World Of The Amphibians (Scientists To School Children) – Sergeev

In this post, we will see the book The World Of The Amphibians (Scientists To School Children) by B. F. Sergeev. This is a series of books in which some of the leading scientists in their field write popular expositions for school students.



About the author and the book

B. F. Sergeev,
Doctor of Biological Sciences, is a specialist in the area of evolu­tionary and ecological physiology, he studies the development of living organisms on Earth, from the most primitive forms to man, and how contemporary animals adapted to the most diverse conditions of ex­istence. Many amazing creatures have been studied in his laboratory: sea anemones and planaria, lancelets and
bats, crabs, lampreys, lizards, dolphins and chimpanzees.

He is particularly interested in amphibians, the first vertebrates to adapt to life on land. This book discusses what interesting creatures they are, and what remarkable adjustments they had to develop in adaptation to the environment.

The book also discusses some critically endangered amphibian species across the world.

The book was translated from the Russian by M. Rosenberg and was published by Mir in 1986.

Note: This was one of the very first Mir books that I had purchased from a used book market almost 23 years ago (c. 1996). At that time the book was already wetted, and both the back and the front cover faded (as you can see in the cover above).

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  1. macsons says:

    If you wish you can purchase the physical copy here


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