Cybernetics Of Living Matter: Nature, Man, Information – Markov (Ed.)

In this post, we will look at the book Cybernetics Of Living Matter: Nature, Man, Information edited by I. M. Markov.


About the book:

The book has been written by a team of leading Soviet authorities in the field of cybernetics, among them Academicians Yu. Ovchinnikov, A. Baev, V. Afanasyev, P. Anokhin, A. Migdal, Yu. Gulyaev.

The contributors discuss the latest achievements in biology from the viewpoint of cybernetics, describe multiple functions that constitute living matter, the basis of brain reliability, the psychics modeling limits, and the mathematical methods in psychology. Also, they examine the problems relating to life and age, death and immortality, and the experimental ways of making life longer. The book will undoubtedly be of interest to all
those interested in or concerned with, cybernetics or allied fields.

The book was translated from the Russian by Vitaly Kisin and compiled by V. D. Pekelis and edited by I. M. Makarov.

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Preface. Yu. A. Ovchinnikov 7

Note from the Compiler. V. D. Pekelis 10

I. Biology and Information 23

Biology Today 23

Basic Tendencies in Physico-Chemical Biology. Yu. A. Ovchin­nikov 23

Genetics, Evolution, and Theoretical Biology. N. V. Timofeev-Resovsky 33

Transition to Constructing Living Systems. A. A. Baev 41

Autowaves: An Interdisciplinary Finding. G. R. Ivanitskyt V. I. Krinsky, and 0. A. Mornev 52

Cybernetics’ Standpoint 75

Cybernetics Approach to Theoretical Biology. A. A. Lyapunov 75

Information Tneory and Evolution. M. V. Volkenshtein 83

Control Sciences and the Harvest. Yu. M. Svirezhev 94

II. The Complexity of Living Systems 105

Integrity of Life 105

On Systematic and Integral Nature of Man. V. G. Afanasyev 105

The Contribution of Psychology to Systems Research of Man. B. F. Lomov 115

Brain and Intelligence 127

Natural Intelligence versus Artificial Intelligence: The Phi­losophical View. P. K. Anokhin 127

On Reliability of the Brain. A. B. Kogan 142

Novel Aspects 154

Diurnal Rhythms and Adaptation. V. N. Reushkin 154

Searching Activity, Sleep, and Stability of the Organism. V. S. Rotenberg 183

On Man’s “Third State”. V. I. Klimova 195

III. Difficulties on the Road to Truth 203

Science and New Information 203

Road to Truth (on the scientific method of cognition. A. B. Migdal and E. V. Netesova 203

The Dynamics of New Truths in Biological Sciences. S. E. Shnol 217

On New Knowledge in Biological Studies. B. V. Biryukov 229

Criteria of Existence and Conflicting Situations in Science. D. I. Dubrovsky 237

New Horizons in Cognition 244

The Physical Fields of Biological Objects. Yu. V. Gulyaev and E. E. Godik 244

Man’s Magnetic Fields. V. L. Vvedensky and V. I. Ozhogin 225

Radio Freguency Emission of Human Body and Medical Diag­nostics. V. S. Troitsky 266

Several Problems in Psychology 276

The Psychology of Cognition and Cybernetics. B. M. Velich-kovsky 276

Subconsciousness and Superconsciousness. P. V. Simonov 292

The Principle of Active Operator in Engineering Psychology. B. F. Lomov 307

The Organism and Age 325

Ageing and Old Age. V. I. Klimova 325

Extension of Human Life: The Biological Dimension and Expe­rimentation. V. V. Frolkis and Kh. K. Muradyan 336

Overhaul of Man. V. D. Pekelis 352

About The Authors 361

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