Mechanisms in Modern Engineering Design – Artobolevsky

In this post, we will see the set of books (6/7) in the series Mechanisms in Modern Engineering Design: A Handbook for Engineers, Designers and Inventors by I. I. Artobolevsky.

About the books (From the preface of the first volume):

One of the problems facing the modern theory of mechanisms is the study and systematization of the huge inheritance accumulated in mechanical engineering practice and consisting of numerous mechanisms applied in various machines, instruments and devices.

An analysis of this data and its classification into the various kinds of mechanisms have shown that their systematization should be broken down into two stages. The first is the compilation of collections of mechanisms employed in all branches of the engineering industries. The next stage consists of collections compiled for different branches, such as mechanisms for precision instruments, mechanisms of machine tools, mechanisms of aircraft engines.

The need of such systematically compiled data is evidently very great because information on the various kinds of mechanisms that have been devised is scattered, for the most part, among diverse reference sources: textbooks, monographs, journals, patent applications, etc. This data is difficult to use because some of the editions may be more or less unique, and because the data does not, as a rule, contain the necessary descriptions, classification and system that would enable a mechanism to be quickly selected for some definite purpose specified by a designer.

It is of equal importance, in the author’s opinion, to meet the needs of inventors. A vast number of inventions are being made in “the USSR and’abroad, and their quantity is increasing year by year. Inventors require convenient handbooks where they can readily find elementary schemes of mechanisms’ that can accomplish the forms of motion needed for the designs they propose.

To meet this demand, in 1947-52 the author compiled a four-
volume work called Mechanisms which was published (in Russian) by the USSR Academy of Sciences. This work contains drawings and descriptions of 4000 mechanisms and includes those made up of hydraulic, pneumatic and electrical devices, as well as purely mechanical systems. This four-volume work has long been out of print and, judging from letters received by the author from a great many engineers, designers, technicians and inventors, a new edition is more than timely. To meet this demand the author has prepared the present completely revised and considerably supplemented edition. This
work is to comprise five volumes. The first two volumes contain drawings and descriptions of lever mechanisms, i.e. mechanisms based on kinematic chains made up of lower pairs.  The third volume is devoted to gear mechanisms. The fourth volume contains cam, friction and flexible-link mechanisms. The final volume is to deal with hydraulic, pneumatic and electrical mechanisms.

The author’s aim was to produce a handbook for engineers and technicians of all ranks, as well as inventors, and not only for experts in the field of mechanisms theory. Hence, he has conscientiously avoided special terminology and notation intelligible only to experts in this line. The author has tried to use the simplest possible drawings furnished with the simplest possible descriptions that should be understandable even to persons without any special engineering training.

The books were translated from the Russian by Nicholas Weinstein and were first published by Mir in 1976 and reprinted in 1979.

Credits to GianniN for posting this comment:

Hi to everyone, I want to share the set of 5 volumes of Artobolevsky – Mechanism in modern engineering design , at the moment only one of the 7 book is missing (volume 5 par 2)

I will very happy if anyone can provide the missing book.

You can download the pdf file from

if you find any problem to download the books pls let me know,

Gerson uploaded it to IA, (links are from this upload)

Hi all,

I’ve uploaded “Mechanisms in Engineering Design: Volume 1 – Lever Mechanisms” by Ivan I. Artobolevsky.
Check it out!

I’ll be doing other volume, but it’s extremely extremely time consuming.


There are a total of 5 Volumes, with Volumes 2 and 5 having two parts each.

Volume 1 Lever Mechanisms

Volume 2 Part 1 Lever Mechanisms

Volume 2 Part 2 Lever Mechanisms

Volume 3 Gear Mechanisms

Volume 4 Cam and Friction Mechanisms Flexible-Link Mechanisms 

Volume 5 Part 1 Hydraulic, Pneumatic and Electric Mechanisms

Volume 5 Part 2 Electric Mechanisms (Not available)


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  1. Bharath Simha says:

    Thanks a lot )))))))))))))


  2. GianniN says:

    Hi to everyone, I want to share the LAST book of the set.

    Volumes 5 part 2
    Artobolevsky – Mechanism in modern engineering design
    is now

    You can download the FULL set of pdf files from


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