Problems in Elementary Mathematics for Home Study – Antonov, Vygodsky, Nikitin, Sankin

In this post, we will see another mathematics problem-solution book titled Problems in Elementary Mathematics for Home Study by N. Antonov, M. Vygodsky, V. Nikitin, A. Sankin.

About the book

A collection of 928 problems in arithmetic, algebra, geometry and trigonometry (with answers) prepared for home study by correspondence students and others studying or brushing supplementary mathematics without a teacher. Problems with similar solutions are grouped together with a detailed example of the solution of the first problem in the group. Will be found a useful resource of questions for revision, tests, and examination papers. Has had 17 large editions in Russian.

The book was translated from the Russian by Leonid Levant and was published by Mir Publishers in 1982.

Scan by original uploader in DJVU format. We bookmarked, added covers and converted to PDF.

The Internet Archive link


Formulas for Reference


Chapter I. Arithmetic Calculations 11 | 89

Chapter II. Algebraic Transformations 14 | 90

Chapter Ill. Algebraic Equations 22 | 112

Chapter IV. Logarithmic and Exponential Equations 29 | 142

Chapter V. Progression 32 | 159

Chapter VI. Combinatorics and Newton’s Binomial Theorem 36 | 169

Chapter VII. Algebraic and Arithmetic Problems 39 | 177


Chapter VIII. Plane Geometry 55 | 208

Chapter IX. Polyhedrons 62 | 246

Chapter X. Solids of Revolution 76 | 327

Chapter X I. Trigonometric Transfonnation 81 | 363

Chapter X II. Trigonometric Equations 84 | 372

Chapter X Ill. Inverse Trigonometric Functions 87 | 395

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  2. T.S.Selvakumaran says:

    I wish to get the Soft copy of the following books
    1.Fundamentals of Mathematical Analysis Volumes 1 & 2 by V.A. Ilyin (Author), E.G. Poznyak (Author)
    2. Elementary Mathematics by Zaitsev Skanavi
    any one can help me


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