¡Hola! Spanish volunteers needed!

Since there are many Mir Publications in Spanish, it will be terrific to have posts with Spanish titles too. Do reply to this post in case you are interested in helping us posting Spanish titles!


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9 Responses to ¡Hola! Spanish volunteers needed!

  1. Jordi Reiss says:


    First of all, I want to thank you for this great job. It’s so nice to keep this knowledge still alive.

    I would be really insterested in helping you with this. I have all published MIR books (maths and physics ones) in Spanish, even though the scans are really poor. I have many original books, but no way to scan them.

    The scans are really old and bad (I can send you some for you to see).

    Anyway, I have some doubts about if this is still copywrited. Even though MIR does not exist anymore all rights have passed to URSS Publishing Company and they still have the publication rights in Spanish (even more, they still sell them in their web site http://www.urss.ru).

    Some months ago we requested permision to translate some of these books to Catalan and this was granted by them.

  2. SM says:

    No.of Physics and Mathematics books in Spanish and Russian language is available at http://www.networkedblogs.com/blog/mundo-preuniversitario

  3. rafahhblog says:

    Hi The Mitr. I have tons of Mir books in Spanish … I do not have much time for scanning right now ( I have a little child and a lot of work ). But, how could I help? Cheers!


    • The Mitr says:

      There is no need to scan right now. There are hundreds if not more books in Spanish which are already scanned. You can help in start posting the links of these books!

  4. Jorge Reiss Fica says:


    Yesterday I sent a comment in your web, but I don’t know if you received it.

    I have all maths and physics MIR scanned books, they are really old scans and some are really bad ones. I also have many of the math books in spanish, but no way to scan them.

    Anyway, I think that they still are copyrighted material. As you may know MIR Publishing Company burnt years ago, however all their books pass to a new publishing company named URSS (www.urss.ru) and they still sell Spanish, English, Russian and some other languages old MIR books.

    If you want to take a look to the old scan books, just tell me and I can send you anyone.


    Jordi Reiss

    El dia 09 maig 2018 a les 18:23, Mir Books va escriure:

    • The Mitr says:

      Thanks for the reply. If you can just create posts for the books which are already uploaded, it would be great. We can also create a catalog and decide on which books are available as digital copies, which need to be scanned. Cheers!

  5. Mahoma Iza Villalba says:

    Hi, I would love to help with this. I do not have a ton of free time, but I could give a hand I think. Is there a specific archive with the books that are in Spanish?
    Unfortunately I only have a handful of them myself and they are not scanned

    • The Mitr says:

      you don’t need to scan right away. There are tons of books in Spanish scanned already. Even on the Internet Archive there are many

  6. Jarban says:

    Hello, I know two websites where Mir books are available in PDF format.
    – Ciencia Matemática:
    – eLibros.cl:
    In this webpage there are a lot of Mir books but they are mixed with other books and the links are not reliable to download books.

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