Report broken links here

Hello everyone, some maintenance is due with regards to dead links.

Please report all the broken links as reply to this post.

We will try to add new links on IA as soon as possible and update.

Thanks for all the help in advance.


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13 Responses to Report broken links here

  1. Tora says:

    Problems in Linear Algebra – Proskuryakov


  2. Yg says:

    Science for everyone- Problems in plane geometry


  3. C.Subbarao says:

    Mathematical Models of Electric Machines by Kopylov


  4. PM says:

    Quantum Theory of Solids – Lifshits (Ed.)


  5. Krasnov Aerodynamics 1


  6. Hitesh Sharma says:

    When Daddy Was a Little Boy – Raskin
    Science for Everyone – Electrons and Crystals


  7. Mark Wallace says:

    I am seeing all of the links as broken. Error message: “The file at this URL was either removed or did not exist in the first place.”


  8. fellowbaba says:

    Kindly try to upload the following titles:
    1. Collections of problems and exercises in mathematics : Dorokhin and Bazhora
    2. Mathematics problems: Equations and Inequalities: A study Aid : Vavilov
    3. Mathematics problems: Algebra: A study aid: Vavilov
    4. Algebra and Fundamentals of analysis: Yakovlev
    5. Elementary Mathematics: Zaitsev, Skanavi
    6. Questions and Problems in High-School Mathematics: Kondratyeva
    7. Solving problems in algebra and trigonometry : Litvinenko, Mordkovich
    8. Algebra and Elementary Functions: Kalnin
    9. Manual for High-School Mathematics: Tsypkin
    10. Algebra: A study-aid for self education: Nikolsky
    11. Algebra and Principles of Mathematical Analysis: Mordkovich
    12. Problem Book: Algebra and Trigonometry: Kutepov and Rubanov


  9. Johnsmith says:

    Gnedenko, the theory of probability


  10. Neeraj says:

    Little Mathematics Library – Pascals Triangle


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