Thanks a double of million!

We have crossed 2 Million number of views!

Thanks for all those who helped to get the project going.

Though we have been not consistent with new posts in recent past, we will make up for it soon.

Thanks again!

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15 Responses to Thanks a double of million!

  1. giulio says:

    thank you so much for your work!! seriously 🙂


  2. Serma says:

    Thank you for your invaluable work!!


  3. César Matienzo says:

    Felicitaciones y gracias por tan noble labor. Exitos…


  4. eddie says:

    Thanks a lot for your work! The MIR legacy must be preserved!


  5. Eric says:

    Does anyone have book “Television – 1977 by V. F Samoylov”?


  6. Adrian Peer says:

    Excellent work, keep it going 😀


  7. Jarban says:

    Congratulations to for this achievement!


  8. Eric says:

    I just got “PROBLEMS IN ELEMENTARY MATHEMATICS FOR HOME STUDY N.Antonov,V.Nikitin” 1974 406 pages. Let me know whether anyone has this book.


  9. anjumskhan says:

    Very well done !!! May god gives you courage and path to keep improving.


  10. Eric says:

    I have some new books:

    1. Orlov Fundamentals of Machine Design Volumes 1 to 5.
    2. Finkel V. The portrait of a crack.
    3. Arkhangelsky V., Khovakh M., Stepanov Y., Trusov V., Vikhert M., Voinov A.
    Motor vehicle engines. 1971, 440 с.

    Let me know if anyone has these?


  11. André says:

    Thank you very much! His work is commendable!


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