In The Realm of Catalysis – Afanasiev, Zaikov

The phenomenon of changing the rate of a chemical reaction by 
the action of substances that do not alter their own chemical 
composition during this reaction is called catalysis.

In this post we will see the book In The Realm of Catalysis by V. A. Afanasiev and G. E. Zaikov. This book is part of Knowledge Series, some of titles we have seen earlier.


About The Book:

In this popular narrative we have attempted to unveil some ‘secrets’ of catalytic reactions and to provide illustrations which are more closely related to our own field of research. We have placed special emphasis on the kinetic principles of catalysis. In the discussion of catalysis we considered it necessary to give the reader the basic principles of the theory of chemical catalysis and gave examples of catalysis in biology and in industry. It was not our aim to discuss all aspects of catalysis in chemistry and biology, and in this respect this book is far from being comprehensive.

The book was translated from the Russian by Alexander Rosinkin and was first published by Mir Publishers in 1979.

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You can get the book here (IA) and here (filecloud).

Password, if needed: mirtitles


Chapter One. An Interview on Catalysis 9
Chapter Two. A Few Words About Industrial Catalysis 15
Chapter Three. Rate of Reaction 21
Chapter Four. Energy Barrier 29
Chapter Five. The Law of Conservation of Disorder 32
Chapter Six. Overcoming the Energy Barrier 38
Chapter Seven. What Next? 42
Chapter Eight. Model Reactions 46
Chapter Nine. The Smile of Mona Lisa 51
Chapter Ten. Acid Catalysis 55
Chapter Eleven. ‘Tender Points’ of Molecules 65
Chapter Twelve. The Least. What Is It? 71
Chapter Thirteen. Homogeneous Catalysis 78
Chapter Fourteen. Heterogeneous Catalysis 84
Chapter Fifteen. Reaction Medium Acts Like a Catalyst 88
Chapter Sixteen. Catalysis in Biology 95
Chapter Seventeen. Catalysis in the Realm of Elementary Particles 111

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3 Responses to In The Realm of Catalysis – Afanasiev, Zaikov

  1. db.jan says:

    Thank you for this beautiful book.
    Seventeenth chapter of the book has been removed(!).


  2. nikhil says:

    can’t download.
    pls reply


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