Vegetable Growing In Home Gardens – Kononkov, Kiran

In this post we will see a book titled Vegetable Growing In Home Gardens of Tropical and Subtropical Areas by P. F. Konokov and V. Kiran.


About the book:

As the descriptive name suggests the book covers in detail how to grow vegetables in your kitchen garden. …there are wide regions in the tropics where amateur vegetable gardening has its own specific features. To fill this gap we delivered courses of lectures between the years 1967 and 1986 on “Vegetable Cultivation and Production in the Tropics’ to the students of the Department of Agriculture at the P. Lumumba Peoples’ Friendship University and published a textbook entitled “Vegetable Growing in Home Gardens of Tropical and Subtropical Areas” in 1984, which is now available in English from MIR Publishers.

The book was translated from the Russian by S. Sukharev and first published by Mir Publishers in 1988.

Thanks to Karen H. for this book.

PDF | OCR | 600 dpi | Bookmarked | Paginated | Cover | 12.3 MB
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You can get the book here (IA) and here (filecloud).

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Preface 5
Introduction 9

1. The Nutritional Value of Vegetables 14

2. Classification of Vegetable Plants 30

3. Requirements for Environmental Conditions 35

Soil Requirements for Growing Vegetables 50
Mechanical Composition of Soil 52
Water in the Soil 58
Nutrients and Their Influence on the Growth and Development of Plants 70
The Regulation of Environmental Conditions in Home Garden Vegetable Growing 74
Methods for Increasing Soil Fertility 78

4. The Species Composition of Vegetable Crops Cultivated in Home Gardens of Tropical and Subtropical Areas 83

Selection of Vegetable Crops 101
Length of the Vegetation Period 103

5. The Land Plot; Its Location, Size, and Cultivation 109

Location of Crops 113
Soil Cultivation 114

6. Succession Crop pings and Intermediate Sowings 117

Compatibility of Vegetable Crops 125

7. Field Management for Growing Vegetable Plants 130

Fertilizers 130
Sowing and Planting 135
Areas for Plant Nutrition 142
Irrigation 144
Harvesting 146

8. The Cultivation Calendar for Vegetable Crops in Tropical and Subtropical Areas 150

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