Laser Physics and Applications – Tarasov

We have already seen two books on Lasers by Lev Tarasov, namely Laser Age in Optics and Laser Physics. In this post we will see yet another book on Lasers by him, this one is titled Laser Physics and Applications.


From the Preface

Among the outstanding achievements of science and engineering in the 20th century, the laser occupies by right a major position. First lasers made in 1960 paved the way for the vehement development of laser technology. Today, lasers and laser systems find wide lise in many fields of science and engineering. They are employed in communications systems, computers, navigation equipment, measuring instruments, and in complicated technological processes. Biology, medicine, and various chemical and physical investigations utilize lasers to advantage.

Wide use of lasers in science and technology is due to the specific properties of laser radiation. The laser is a generator of coherent light. Unlike other sources of light, such as incandescent lamps or arc lamps, the laser produces radiation with a highly regular light field, outstanding in its high coherence, monochromaticity and directivity. The discussion of lasers in this book begins with the evaluation of the physics of processes resulting in coherent optical radiation in the laser. This is the subject to Chapter 1. Chapter 2 takes up the classification of lasers and the physical and engineering benefits of various types of lasers. Application of lasers puts in the forefront the control of laser radiation.

This includes not only such aspects of beam control as deflection, scanning and modulation, but also the variation of the regime of oscillation to produce radiation with the desired spatial, temporal, frequency and power characteristics. All these topics are treated in Chapter 3. Finally, Chapter 4 is concerned with diverse applications of lasers in science and engineering.

The book was translated from the Russian by M. Edelev and was first published by Mir Publishers in 1986.

With this post we have covered all the known books translated in English by Tarasov. If I have left out any of his books let me know. Kudos to this great teacher, who has given us all wonderful knowledge.

PDF | COVER | OCR | BOOKMARKED | 600 dpi | 196 pages
Note: IA copy may have different parameters.

You can get the book here

Preface 7

Chapter 1.

1.1 Light Waves and Photons 9
1.2 Optical Coherence 14
1.3 Quantum Transitions in Absorption and Emission of Light 18
1.4 The Active Medium. Creating a Population Inversion 22
1.5 Laser Oscillation in Optical Resonant Cavity 27
1.6 Basic Laser Characteristics 33
1.7 A Historical Review of the Laser 41

Chapter 2.

2.1 A Laser Exposition. Pumping Methods 45
2.2 Solid State Lasers 47
2.3 Organic Dye Lasers 53
2.4 Photodissociation Lasers 55
2.5 Ion and Atomic Lasers 57
2.6 Molecular Lasers 65
2.7 Electroionization Lasers 70
2.8 Gas Dynamic Lasers 73
2.9 Chemical Lasers 76
2.10 Plasma Lasers 79
2.11 Semiconductor Lasers 81
2.12 Confinement of the Beam within the Resonator 89

Chapter 3.

3.1 Intracavity Control of Spectral Characteristics 94
3.2 Methods of Q-switching 100
3.3 Pulsed Lasing 106
3.4 Mode Locking for UItra short Pulses 111
3.5 Modifying the Spatial Structure of the Laser Output 116
3.6 Frequency Transformations in Nonlinear Media 118
3.7 Wavefront Correction of the Laser Output 129
3.8 Light Beam Manipulation 134

Chapter 4.

4.1 Material Working 139
4.2 Lasers in Medicine 145
4.3 Isotope Separation 148
4.4 Holography 150
4.5 Information Related Applications 157
4.6 Optical Communications 160
4.7 Ranging and Measurement 168
4.8 Environmental Measurements. Quality Control 173
4.9 Thermonuclear Fusion 178

Exercises 181

Performance Data for Selected Soviet-made Commercial Lasers 184

Index 188

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5 Responses to Laser Physics and Applications – Tarasov

  1. Siddharth says:

    There are 2 more books of Tarasov (listed in 2nd last page of this book):
    1) L. V. Tarasov: Lasers-Reality and Hope (Prosveshchenie,Moscow 1984)
    2) L. V. Tarasov: Optics Born by the Laser (Prosveshchenie, Moscow 1977)


  2. somen says:

    damitri ,when you will post book Handbook of mathematics advance and entertaining electronics


  3. desperadomar says:

    Did someone noticed the cover page,Laser ‘Phisics’ and applications


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