Laser Physics – Tarasov

We had earlier seen Laser Age in Optics by Tarasov. In this post we will see Laser Physics by L. V. Tarasov.


About the Book

The book aims at bringing the reader up-to-date with the latest achievements and trends in the physics of laser processes, as well as at providing sufficient information so that the reader can then independently make use of specialized literature in this field. It describes the present state of affairs in the development of laser technology from the point of view of research as well as applications in various branches of industry.

The book was translated from the Russian by Ram S. Wadhwa and was first published by Mir Publishers in 1983.

Thanks to hawa-ka-jhonka for making this book available.

PDF | OCR | COVER | BOOKMARKED | 600 dpi | 366 pages

Note: IA’s copy may have different parameters.

You can get the book here

Preface 7


1.1 Light Waves and Photons 9
1.2 Optical Coherence 14
1.3 Quantum Transitions in Absorption and Emission of Light 18
1.4 The Active Medium. Creating a Population Inversion 22
1.5 Laser Oscillation in Optical Resonant Cavity 27
1.6 Basic Laser Characteristics 33
1.7 A Historical Review of the Laser 41

Chapt er 2. TYPES OF LASERS 45

2.1 A Laser Exposition. Pumping Methods 45
2.2 Solid State Lasers 47
2.3 Organic Dye Lasers 53
2.4 Photodissociation Lasers 55
2.5 Ion and Atomic Lasers 57
2.6 Molecular Lasers 65
2.7 Electroionization Lasers 70
2.8 Gas Dynamic Lasers 73
2.9 Chemical Lasers 76
2.10 Plasma Lasers 79
2.11 Semiconductor Lasers 81
2.12 Confinement of the Beam with in the Resonator 89


3.1 Intracavity Control of Spectral Characteristics 94
3.2 Methods of Q-switching 100
3.3 Pulsed Lasing 106
3.4 Mode Locking for UItra short Pulses 111
3.5 Modifying the Spatial Structure of the Laser Output 116
3.6 Frequency Transformations in Nonlinear Media 118
3.7 Wavefront Correction of the Laser Output 129
3.8 Light Beam Manipulation 134


4.1 Material Working 139
4.2 Lasers in Medicine 145
4.3 Isotope Separation 148
4.4 Holography 150
4.5 Information Related Applications 157
4.6 Optical Communications 164
4.7 Ranging and Measurement 168
4.8 Environmental Measurements. Quality Control 173
4.9 Thermonuclear Fusion 178

Exercises 181

Performance Data for Selected Soviet-made Commercial Lasers 184

Index 188

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2 Responses to Laser Physics – Tarasov

  1. carlos arredondo says:

    hello, my body. It had not been easy to find Elementary textbook on physics edited by G.S. Landsberg vol 3, I wanna to buy it, could you help me where can I get it?

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    • camoes95 says:

      Textbook of Elementary Physics: Oscillations and Waves Optics Structure of Atom
      landsberg vol 3 did you find it for download? if so plz could sou send me the link? appreciate it very much!


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