Laboratory Exercises in General Chemistry – Semishin

In this post we will see Laboratory Exercises in General Chemistry by V. Semishin.


About the book

As the name suggests this is a book about exercises in chemistry. It covers a lot many reactions as can be seen from the contents. It covers solutions their properties and various compounds of metals and non-metals.

The book was translated from the Russian by Boris Belitsky and was published by Peace Publishers in 1964.

You can get the book here and here.

Password, if needed, mirtitles


Introduction 7


1. Heating and Weighing 9
2. Solution, Filtration and Hydrometry 16
3. Determining the Molecular Weight of a Gas (Vapour) 24
4. Laboratory Techniques 35
5. Determining the Chemical Formula of a Substance 39
6. Determining  Chemical Equivalents 46
7. Determining the Purity of a Substance 52
8. Thermal Effects of Reactions 62
9. Reaction Rates and Chemical Equilibrium 69
10. Preparation of Solutions 81
11. Solubility of Substances 86
12. Solutions of Fluids 94
13. Properties of Solutions 102
14. Electrolytes 109
15. Reactions in Electrolyte Solutions 118
16. Oxidation-reduction Reactions 129
17. Hydrogen, Oxygen, and Ozone 145
18. Water and Hydrogen Peroxide 152
19. General Properties of Metals and Alloys 159
20. Alkali Metals 172
21. Copper Subgroup Elements 179
22. Complex Compounds 186
23. Beryllium, Magnesium, and the Alkaline Earth Metals 193
24. Zinc, Cadmium, and Mercury 200
25. The Elements of the Third Group of the Periodic System 207
26. Carbon, Silicon, and Their Compounds 213
27. The Elements of the Germanium and Titanium Series and Their Compounds 222
28. Colloidal Solutions 229
29. The Elements of the Fifth Group of the Periodic System and Their Hydrides 235
30. Oxygen Compounds of the Elements of the Fifth Group 243
31. Oxygen Compounds of the Elements of the Fifth Group (Continued) 250
32. The Elements of the Sixth Group of the Periodic System and Their Hydrogen Compounds 256
33. Oxygen Compounds of the Elements of the Sixth Group 263
34. Oxygen Compounds of the Elements of the Sixth Group (Continued) 268
35. The Elements of the Chromium Subgroup 275
36. The Halogens 280
37. Hydrogen Compounds of the Halogens 285
38. Oxygen Compounds of the Halogens 291
39. The Elements of the Manganese Subgroup 296
40. Iron and Its Analogues 301
41. Cobalt, Nickel, and Their Analogues 306
42. Synthesis of Inorganic Substances 312
Answers to Problems 325


I. Relative Densities and Concentrations of Some Salt Solutions 329
II. Solubilities of Some Salts 329
III. Relative Densities of Sulphuric Acid Solutions 330
IV. Relative Densities of Nitric Acid Solutions 330
V. Relative Densities of Hydrochloric Acid Solutions 331
VI. Relative Densities of Ammonia Solutions 331
VII. Relative Densities of KOH and NaOH Solutions at 15 332
VIII. Relative Densities and Degrees Batime at 17.5 (for liquids heavier than water) 332
IX. Relative Densities and Degrees Baume at 17.5 (for liquids lighter than water) 332
X. Cryoscopic Constants 333
XI. Ebullioscopic Constants 333
XII. lonisation Constants 333
XIII. Solubility Products 335
XIV. Complex Ion Instability Constants  335
XV. Normal Redox Potentials 336
XVI. Some Ionic Radii 337
XVII. Logarithms 337
Index 341

1. Effectiveness of in Air Dehydrating Agents Drying 27
2. Aqueous Vapour Tension 28
3. Vapour Pressure over Saturated Solution of Sodium Chloride 59
4. Heat of Solution of Some Gases in Water 96
5. Coefficients for of Several Gases by Water 97
6. Absorption Coefficient of Air 101
7. Salts Used to Prepare Cooling Mixtures 108
8. Mixtures of Salts Used to Prepare Cooling Mixtures 108
9. Degree of lonisation of Some Electrolytes 110
10. Solubility of Some Substances in Water 120
11. D. I. Mendeleyev’s Periodic Table of Elements 131
12. Composition and Properties of Some Composite Negative Ions 136
13. Reducing and Oxidising Agents 138
14. Melting Points of Zn-Cd System 161
15. Electromotive Series of Metals 164
16. Colour of Borax Beads 212

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    How can I extract the file from the downloaded one? When I extract the downloaded file using WinRAR or WinZip shows in the diagnostic message as ‘Unknown method and No files to extract’. Pls may suggest the solution.


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    thanks for this nice post


  4. ITABOY says:

    Any chance of having books from professor Nikolai Glinka?


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