When Daddy Was a Little Boy – Raskin

We now come to childrens book titled When Daddy Was A Little Boy by
Alexander Raskin.

This is a book written by a father about stories he told his daughter
Sasha, to cheer her up when she was sick. They include some funny and
some moral tales which will cheer up you too. So Enjoy!


The book was translated from the Russian by Fainna Glagoleva and
illustrations are by Lev Tokmakov. The book was first published by
Raduga Publishers in 1966 with many reprints in subsequent years. The
present scan is from the sixth reprint of 1989.

All credits to the original uploader.

PDF | OCR | Cover | Paginated | Bookmarked | 5 MB| 200 pages

You can get the book here.

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How Daddy Rolled His Ball Under a Car 13
How Daddy Tamed a Dog 18
How Daddy Wrote Poetry 23
How Daddy Bit the Professor 28
How Daddy Decided What He Wanted to Be 32
How Daddy Studied Music 37
How Daddy Threw His Bread on the Floor 42
How Daddy’s Feelings Were Hurt 46
How Daddy Made a Mistake 50
How Daddy Learned to Write 53
How Daddy Left Tiny Uncle Vic All Alone 56
How Daddy Played With a Girl 59
How Daddy Tested His Strength 62
How Daddy Started in School 66


How Daddy Was Always Late 71
How Daddy Went to the Movies 77
How the Girls Were Mean to Daddy 82
How Daddy Went Tiger – Hunting 86
How Daddy Used to Draw 90
How Daddy Fooled His Teacher 94
How Daddy Stopped the Trolley Car 98
How Daddy Killed a Snake 103
How Daddy Failed to Learn German 109
How Daddy Wrote Two Compositions 113
How Daddy Spok e to the Poet Mayakovsky 118
How Daddy Performed at a School Party 122
How Daddy Played Ping-Pong 128
How Daddy Made a Footstool 136


How Daddy Wasn’ t the Best Pupil in His Class 143
How Daddy Collected Waste Paper and Scrap Iron 148
How Daddy Had Scarlet Fever 153
How Daddy Climbed a Wall 159
How Daddy Divided Up the Pastries 165
How Daddy Was Teased 170
How Daddy Decided to Tell the Truth  174
How Daddy Put Out the Wall Newspaper 180
How Daddy Jumped Off the Balcony 186

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9 Responses to When Daddy Was a Little Boy – Raskin

  1. Saji says:

    Can anybody provide for a link to “Junior Physics” by Peryshkin and Rodhina.gr8 effort by damitr in putting up such marvellous books.


  2. Jay says:

    Thank u very much for this book.


  3. Siddharth says:

    I have found following book from http://www.dli.ernet.in :
    Manoranjak Bhautiki by Yakov Perelman (Hindi translation of “Physics for Entertainment”)
    Download link is: http://filecloud.io/hqur54kv
    All credits to DLI (IISC) team

    Also, I have found 2 Bengali books:
    1) Bengali Translation of “Drawing Game” by Yakov Perelman, that is অঙ্কের খেলা – ইয়াকভ পেরেলমান
    Download link is http://sovietbooksinbengali.blogspot.in/2014/06/AnkerKhyala-YakovPerelman.html
    2) Bengali Translation of “When Daddy Was A Little Boy” by Alexander Raskin, that is বাবা যখন ছোটো – আলেক্সান্দর রাস্কিন
    Download link is http://sovietbooksinbengali.blogspot.in/2014/01/BabaJakhonChhoto-AlexanderRaskin.html
    All credits to Prosenjit Benerjee, Somnath Das Gupta & their team for preparing this excellent website http://sovietbooksinbengali.blogspot.in


  4. Thanks very much. Do you happen to know the hindi version of this book? I do have a hard copy but was looking for an ebook.


  5. Susan Kellog says:

    Where can I buy this book in English? I need a hard copy to gift to my daughter since I read this when I was little.. I searched high and low but could not find it..


  6. Ashish Khandeparkar says:

    Hello Susan,
    Did you find a copy of the book? Have you tried looking on eBay or Abebooks? Where are you located?


  7. Hitesh Sharma says:

    Link not working. Pls check.


  8. rahul says:

    Hi. I have many Raduga & Mir books for sale. If interested you can email me rahul.3mcreation@gmail.com or whatsapp on 9780051220


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