Introduction to Topology – Borisovich, Bliznyakov, Izrailevich, Fomenko

We now come to two volume set on Introduction to Topology by Yu. Borisovich, N. Bliznyakov, Ya. Izrailevich, T. Fomenko.



This is a two volume book set, which has 5 sections in all. It is based on lectures delivered by Yu. G. Borisovich at Mathematics Department of Voronezh University. Each of
the section is preceeded by an illustration which has a lot of mathematical content which are by Prof. A. T. Fomenko.

About the book

This textbooks is one of the many possible variants of a first course in topology and is written in accordance with both the author’s preferences and their experience as lecturers and researchers. It deals with those areas of topology that are most closely related to fundamental courses in general mathematics and applications. The material leaves a lecturer a free choice as to how he or she may want to design his or her own topology course and seminar classes.

The books were translated from the Russian by Oleg Efimov and was
first published by Mir Publishers in 1980.

Thanks to the original uploader for the scan.

Note: The scan quality is poor and text is barely readable at
times. We have added OCR, which is not reliable, reduced file size, combined 2 pdfs into
one, bookmarked and paginated and pdfs.  Vol. 1 and Vol. 2 which are
physically separate books have been combined in one single pdf. The
page numbering is continuous between the two volumes. Page 147 onwards are
the contents of Vol. 2. We have access to the hard copies, and might see a better version in the future.

PDF | Bookmarked | Paginated | OCR | Cover | 324 Pages |  24.2 MB

The Internet Archive Link

Update 02 Jan 2020



1. What is topology? 11
2. Generalization of the concepts of space and function 15
3. From a metric to topological space 18
4. The notion of Riemann surface 28
5. Something about knots 34
Further Reading 37


1. T opological spaces and continuous mappings 41
2. Topology and continuous mapping of metric spaces. Spaces R^n,
S^(n-1) and D^n 46
3. Factor space and quotient topology 52
4. Classification of Surfaces 57
5 . Orbit Spaces. Projective and Iens spaces 67
6. Operations over sets in topological space 70
7. Operations over sets in metric spaces. Spheres and
balls. Completeness 73
8. Properties of continuous Mappings 76
9. Products of topological spaces 80
10. Connectedness of topological spaces 84
11. Countability and separation axioms 88
12. Normal spaces and functional separability 92
13. Compact spaces and their mappings 97
14. Compactifications of topological spaces. Metrization 105
Further Reading 107


1. Mapping space. Homotopies, retractions, and deformations 111
2. Category, functor and algebraization of topological problems 118
3. Functors of homotopy grous 121
4. Computing the fundamental homotopy groups of some space 131
Further Reading 146


1. Basic notions of differential calculus in n-dimensional space 149
2. Smooth submanifolds in Euclidean space 157
3. Smooth Manifolds 161
4. Smooth functions in a manifold and smooth partition of unity 173
5. Mapping of manifolds 180
6. Tangent bundle and tangential map 188
7.  Tangent vector as differential operator. Differential of function
and cotangent bundle 199
8. Vector fields on smooth manifolds 208
9. Fibre  bundles and covering  213
10. Smooth function on manifold and cellular structure of manifold (example) 235
11. Non-degenrate ciritcal point and its index 240
12. Describing homotopy type of manifold by means of critical values 244
Further Reading 249


1. Preliminary Notes 253
2. Homology groups of chain complexes 255
3. Homology groups of simplical complexes 257
4. Singular Homology Theory 268
5. Homology theory axioms 278
6. Homology groups of spheres. Degree of mapping 281
7. Homology groups of cell complexes 289
8. Euler Characteristic and Lefschetz number 292
Further reading 299

Illustrations 302

References 303

Name Index 306

Subject Index 308

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  1. raja says:

    wov this is great, thanks


  2. nook says:

    This is a dead link. I downloaded the zip file so I could continue reading the book I had purchased but that I can’t find right now. It was 23 MB. When I went to extract it, an error saying no extract location came. I am not sure if this is a virus.

    Your better bet is to get this book from a library. It is there in yeshiva university and columbia university. It takes less than an hour to scan it with their machines. Then you can use it for your own purposes.


  3. Sarath says:

    This link is not working. Please upload into another link.


  4. This link is not working. please update another location.


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    Kindly give another link. This link is not functional. Same link does not work for other books as well…Kindly help us….




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    the link is dead or nonfunctional


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    the link doesn’t work…..


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