Origin And Development Of Life On Earth – Voitkevich

After a long break in the Science for Everyone Series we come to one of the remaining titles in this series. This one is titled Origin and Development of Life on Earth by G. Voitkevich. This is a sort of sequel to another book by the same author titled Origin and Chemical Evolution of the Earth.

sfe-origin-and-development-of-life-on-earthThe book though included in popular science, series presents a vast panorama of geological events ranging from prehistoric times to the present, period, and covers practically all the landmarks, in the history of evolution.Various stages in the development of plants, animals, andman form a concatenation of scientifically valid discoveries with the disquisition of which the readers will become acquainted.

The author of this book is Prof. George Voitkevich, head of the department of geochemistry and geophysics at Rostov-on-Don State University. His multilateral scientific activity within the domain of the Earth sciences is well known in his own country as  well as elsewhere. His Fundamentals of Geochemistry is at present the standard manual for Soviet universities, some of his books have been translated into European and Oriental languages.

The book was translated from the Russian by G. G. Egrov and was first published by Mir Publishers in 1990.

All credits to the original uploader (presumably Gordon Freeman).

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Update Jan 2020

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Preface 5
The Earth’s Contemporary Biosphere and Its
Population 9
The Antiquity of Life on the Earth 34
The Organic Compounds in Space 56
A Space History of Carbonic Molecules 73
The Origin of Biosphere and the Main Features
of Its Development 94
The Evolution of Primates and Man 215
Conclusion 224
Bibliography 229

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