The Riddles of Three Oceans – Kondratov

We now come to a book titled The Riddles of Three Oceans by Alexander Kondratov. As the title suggests the book is about mysteries which are scattered throughout the three major oceans, namely, Atlantic, Pacific and the Indian.

In this book Alexander Kondratov takes a look at some of the blank spaces in man’s knowledge that can be filled in by further evidence obtained from underwater archeology. In the Pacific Ocean these include such riddles as the culture of Easter Island, the origin of the American Indians, the original homeland of the Polynesians and the peopling of Australia. In the Indian Ocean one of the mysteries is how the ancient Dravidian civilisation spread. Among the secrets of the Atlantic are the warm and cold legendary islands of St. Brendan, Antilia and Thule, the extinct tribes of the Canary Islands, and Atlantis, a fascinating mystery that has given rise to a voluminous body of literature.

The author sets forth the main hypotheses that have been advanced to solve these riddles and analyses them from the standpoints of ethnography, linguistics, geology and other sciences. But he does not try to impose any of the hypotheses on the reader. The conclusions he draws are extremely cautious, and in cases where there is insufficient data the question is left open.

This highly interesting book is intended for the general reader. Indeed, no educated person can fail to take an interest in problems that have a direct bearing on the human race.

The book was translated from the Russian by Leonard Stoklitsky and designed by Victor Korolkov. The book was first published by Progress Publishers in 1974.

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Part One.

Discovery. – The Mystery of Easter Island. – Remains of the
Pacific Continent. – When Did This Happen?Professor Zubov’s
Theory. – Pacific Floor Theories. – The Darwin Rise. – Sunken
Islands of the Pacific. – Bering Land.-Andes Land and the Secret
of Tiahuanaco. – From the Andes to Easter Island. – Kainga Nuinui,
or “Enormous Land”. – A Polynesian Continent? – A Hawaiian
Continent? – Guyot Land? Micronesia Land? – The Sinking Coast
of the Pacific, – Australia and Tasmania Land. – Melanesia Land
Part Two.
Riddles of the Equatorial Race. – Gondwanaland and Lemurla. The
Cradle of Homo Sapiens. – Tamalaham, Nawalam and South
Madura. – The Sumerians and the Ubaids. – Mesopotamla – Bahrein –
India. -The Land Known as Elam. – The Dravidian
Problem. – Ships from the Land of Melukha. – Search for the
“Sumerian Paradise”. – Egypt: Riddles That Outdate the
Sphinx. – Turkmenistan-Sumer-Lemuria. – Islands in the Indian
Ocean. – The Least Studied Ocean. – The Fall of Mohenjo-Daro. Deities
of the Proto-Indians. – The Secrets of Tantra. – From the
Buryat Area to Australia.-Pages from “Chronicles on Rock”. Did
Antarctica Drift Away?
Part Three.
Legendary Islands. – The Bed of the Atlantic. – Thule, Dunejar
Buss and Mayda. – In the Southern Part of the North Sea. –
The Cassiterides or “Tin Islands”. Gadir and Tartessos. Island
Groups. – Atlantophlles and Atlantophobes. – The
Mediterranean. and Tyrrhenia. – Tl’itonia? Aegean Continent?
Bosphoria? – From Pontus to the Antilles.


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  1. Thanks! Kondratov is always an exciting reading! Pedro – BRASIL


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    Thanks amazing book .


  3. Suvo says:

    I can’t download the book. Please check it…


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