Radar Made Easy – Razmakhnin

We now come to Radar Made Easy by M. Razamkhnin. This book is an attempt to explain the working of radar and its applications, leaving out the gruesome mathematics. Though most of the applications that the author talks about are related to warfare. The book has some good drawings as you would expect in a good popular science book.

To-day, radar in one form or another is likely to turn up
everywhere: in the street, at the waterfront, in an under- ground motor-road. By far the widest use of radar is made by the military and scientists. In all of these fields thousands upon thousands of radar sets are at work. Some of them are small enough to be fitted into spectacles, others weigh hundreds of tons .

In this booklet based mostly on Soviet and foreign periodicals
the reader will find a story of radar. It tells, in a simple and informal manner, what radar is, what it does, and how, and why is it that radar has come to playa leading role in the present-day world. The booklet uses not a single mathematical formula; where necessary, pictures come to the reader’s help.

The booklet has been written for a layman interested to know how and where radio and electronics serve man. From it, the reader will learn quite a number of facts, sometimes unexpected, about the capabilities of radar.

The book was translated from the Russian by B. Kuznetsov and was first published by Mir in 1973, this is the second reprint of 1974.

PDF | OCR | Bookmarked | Paginated | Cover | 8.5 MB | 140 pp | 600 dpi

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Foreword 7
By Way of Explanation 10
Part One Making an Acquaintance
What Is Radiolocation? 14
Radars’ Way into the Armed Forces 19
Radar and Aviation 22
Radar and Missiles 28
Radar at Sea 34
Radar in the Army 38
Radar and Science 41
Radar in Space 44
It Is Always Among Us 48
Part Two How It Works
Which One to Choose? 58
How to Take Stock of an Acquaintance? 63
How a Target is Located 67
How Radar Does It – I 77
Noise-Where It Comes from and Why 84
How Radar Does It – II 93
A Simpler Way 104
Uninvited Companions 107
How to Send Out a Signal, Receive an Echo and Locate a Target 111
Everything is Sorted Out 116
Target’s Way of Hiding 120
How Targets are Identified 127
We’ve Learned Only Part of the Story 132
Index 136

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  1. Ramo says:

    thank you,
    can you also please upload problems book? (o have only irodov)


  2. Thanks for adding one more masterpiece. Please upload “Elements of Game Theory” by E.S. Venttsel (a title from Little Mathematics Library) as I am preparing a notes on this topic now
    – Dr. M. Girish Chandra


  3. Sanghapah says:

    wonderful man ,good 2 have u back again


  4. André says:


    Link dead!! Re-up!



  5. Guilherme says:

    Link asks you to install ilivid to download the book, but even after installing nothing happens. I can’t it through torrent either. Help!


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