Matter and Man – Vasilyev, Stanyukovich

We come to a book by M. Vasilyev, K. Stanyukovich titled Matter and Man.

The book talks about the various aspects of matter and how man (humans!) has come to control them and use them. The book thematically explores solids, liquids,  gases, plasma, radiation, fields, gas dynamics and some aspects of cosmology and how can be they used in order to serve mankind.

Man is calculatingly inquisitive. As soon as he discovers a new law of nature he tries to exploit it for his own ends. Having discovered the secret of lightning bolts he uses it to produce electric light. Having learned the laws of river flow he digs irrigation canals and impounds artificial lakes which affect the very climate of whole regions. He has harnessed the power of nuclear fission of uranium and will soon learn to tame the thermonuclear reactions which heat the sun itself. When he discovers the laws of the universe he will surely put thern to work and make them serve him, He will reconstruct planetary systems,
move stars about and regulate their brightness. Man will indeed become the master of the universe, and it will serve him just as terrestrial laws and phenomena are serving
him today.

Though today some of the things said seem to be naive, they were not when they had been said. For example the progress in space exploration, which observers in 1950-60s has predicted did not come through. Many of the things said in this book seem to be too optimistic, considering the current scenario. In the entire book the dominant ideology seems to be to exploit the natural resources for benefit of mankind. This is something which the Science Studies people detest, but at the time when the book was written they were not there. The book truly represents the zeitgeist of that era.

Since the original cover was not available to me in hi-res, I have designed a new cover. If you have access to the original cover pictured above please do post (min. 600 dpi or more).

The book was translated from the Russian by V. Talmy and was first published by Peace Publishers (and earlier name for Mir, logo is the same) sometime in 1960s.

You can get the book here.

PDF | OCR | 600 dpi| Bookmarked| Paginated| Covers | 182 pages| 15.29 MB

Get the magnet link/torrent here.


Face to Face (instead of introduction) 7

The Matter of the Universe

A Search for Vacuum 15
States and Fields 25
Man the Master 30
Solids, Liquids and Gases 34


The Fourth State of  Matter 41
Self-constricting Discharge 46
Stellar Fuel 49


Intangible Matter 59
Omnipresent Force 64
Dr. Einstein’s Revolution 68
The Expanding Universe 73
Particles of Gravity 77
In the Heart of the Atom 81
Factories of Matter 83
Continents Awaiting Their Columbuses 85

Machines of Rays and Jets

A Journey Into the Day After Tomorrow 91
Take off From the Asteroid Pallas 100
Trip to the Stars 105
The Time Paradox 110


Gas Dynamics  121
Gas Flow into Vacuum 125
Shock Waves 129
Exploding Stars 134
Cosmic Clouds  138
Speed as an Explosive 141
Explosions at Work 144

Biography of the Universe

The Day of Creation 153
The Family of Planets 159
One Turn of the Spiral 163
Masters of the Universe (instead of a conclusion) 175

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  1. Felipe says:

    Hello !
    The link is dead 😦
    Could you please upload this book again ?


  2. Prabhakar V says:

    Very nice books on science. Thanks


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