Probability Theory (first steps)

We now come to a small booklet by E. S. Wentzel titled Probability Theory (first steps).

The back cover of the book says:

The author of this booklet describes in popular language how probability theory was developed and found wide application in all fields of modern science. This book can be considered as an introduction towards a more thorough study of probability theory and is intended for a wide circle of readers.

This book has a translation in Tamil titled நிகழ் தகவுக் கோட்பாடு
(தொடக்கப் படிகள்) thanks to Senthil for helping with this. I do not know about translations in other Indian languages

Many thanks to Al-Kap-Ro (\alpha \kappa \rho) for making this book available.

The book was translated from the Russian by N. Deineko and was first published by Mir in 1982, followed by a second print in 1986.

You can get the book here.

Contents are as under

Probability Theory and Its Problems 6
Probability and Frequency 24
Basic Rules of Probability Theory 40
Random Variables 57
Literature 87

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8 Responses to Probability Theory (first steps)

  1. vj says:

    Could we expect to see the other books from little mathematics library series (including ones with broken links) to be uploaded soon?


    • damitr says:

      Yes. LML is next on the agenda. Will be updated by first week of July, along with most of the remaining titles of the series.



  2. ankitphysics says:

    Here three books about Probability theory:
    1.The theory of probability by Boris Vladimirovich Gnedenko in 1962 (Mir Publishers)
    2.Applied problems in probability theory by E. S. Wentzel and L.A. Ovcharov in 1986 (Mir Publishers)
    3.Probability theory and mathematical statistics by G. P Klimov in 1986 (Mir Publishers)


  3. asd says:

    when will physics problems books be posted ??


  4. sudip says:

    please upload your books in BITTORRENT sites as well.that way it stays there forever and can be downloaded with ease.


  5. Anbumani says:

    for me this book gave me the knowledge. In my BSc mathematics I skipped stats exam 1st semester bcos i didn’t understand the subject well. Later i read this and and became the class topper in that subject. I read its Tamil version.


  6. MirCollector says:

    Good to see Tamil version of the book. The only Indian language to have full 4 years engineering course other than English is Tamil. So there should be more translations of more books.


  7. cvacangaran says:

    didn’t have link to tamil version of this book ?


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