Updates: Tarasov and Tarasova

Following links to Tarasov’s books have been updated.

Science for Everyone – Discussions on Refraction of Light – L. V. Tarasov, A. N. Tarasova

Calculus – Basic Concepts for High Schools – L. V. Tarasov,

another version of Calculus here (thanks to Dr. Narayanan)

Laser Age in Optics – L. V. Tarasov

Some are significantly improved versions of earlier files, single page, cleaned, indexed, OCRed. Links to the original post have also been updated.

Password, if needed: mirtitles

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3 Responses to Updates: Tarasov and Tarasova

  1. m95 says:

    Thanks for updating posts……………great effort
    i’m in need of:
    1.Physics of Dielectric Materials by B.Tareev
    2.Semiconductor Physics by P.S. Kireev
    3.Physical chemistry of polymers.(Tager A.)


  2. jap says:

    thanks for updates……… really great books. can you please update some of the problem books in physics like pinksy; shalnov etc. please frnd I am in great need of them.


  3. sudip says:

    hey ,what about the THE WORLD IS BUILT ON PROBABILITY by Tarasov.This book simply can’t be found anywhere.pls do something


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