Answers to some Frequently-Asked-Questions
  • What is the password needed to open archives?

The password (unless mentioned otherwise), if needed is: mirtitles

  • The archive does not open or reports to be corrupted.

Try downloading the file again, if the error persists check this site for a proper de-compressor.

  • The zip contains djvu file instead of pdf.

djvu is a better compression format than pdf for smaller size, though some quality may be compromised. You can get the djvu reader here.

  • Link is broken / not working.

It may take some time for the broken links to be operational again, check Updates.

People who have the files can help the site by posting alternative download links, they are welcome.

  • Premium account is needed to download files.

Premium account is NOT needed, check the links again, maybe with a different browsers and try to pass the Turing test.

  • Can you send me the links / books on my email?

No. I cannot. That is why there are links in the post.

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33 Responses to FAQs

  1. Nitin says:

    Please have a translation tool to convert Russian physics, mathematics, Chemistry stuff either in terms of Pdf, jpeg, or djvu files to English language. There is lot of stuff available in russian language but we can not get benefit due to our lack of knowledge in russian….

    • damitr says:

      Yes, there is a need for this kind of platform. We are in touch with developers who can help us with this. Maybe by year end we will have the platform ready.


      • KS says:

        That’s good news!!!…I had tried once getting some russian pages OCRed using ABBYY Finereader, but it had many errors and couldn’t pick up the mathematical symbols and text/equations…It will have to be proof read after getting OCRed to be fed for translation orelse the end result translation will be garbled….ifile just works fine..I don’t understand why are people complaining about it…Atleast appreciate the good work damitr is doing bcoz these texts would have been lost forever…Keep up the good work mate!!

        • damitr says:

          Most of the Russian texts that are available online are already OCRed. You can try extracting the text directly from the files.


  2. Nitin says:

    Thanks for the prompt reply, hope we shall definitely get advantage of this platform, which is missing as of now, can protect the formatting of the document. Even the more advanced softwares as of now missing that kind of specialty which can take care of mathematical equations and charts and diagrams with auto detection technique for images.


    • damitr says:

      In discussions over last few months we have come up with a plan for the platform.
      We will basically have 4 categories in a typical book:
      * Structure of the Document
      * Main text
      * Pictures/ diagrams
      * Mathematical equations and symbols

      The Table of Contents can be extracted from the text and be fed to the platform as an instance. Once it is fed, the platform will create entries for each chapter, section and sub-section depending on the categories. This is required as when translations are done, they should be free translations, and may not preserve the original page numbering or formatting. Once we have the structure of the document ready with us, then we know where a particular paragraph, figure or equation will fit in. Also the structured documentation will help us in generating final output easily without pains. In short we will have the skeleton of the book to be translated ready, which will be filled in collaboratively by volunteers, and the platform will indicate, what is remaining as per the input from the volunteers. We will use LaTeX or org mode in the backend to render the text into a readable format. Then our exporting options become very large.

      For the main text we can use auto-translate tools, as most of us would not know Russian, for example. So this would be fetched over the net. But in many cases we would have the translation, which needs human editing (free translation), this would be done by volunteers. And this can be done for multiple languages. For example one can create multiple instances in English, Hindi and Tamil. It would be up to the volunteers for a particular language to take up the translation.

      For diagrams, illustrations we need to check whether it has any words. labels and captions, and if they need replacement in English for example. This would be another entry in the platform, indicating that there is an image in this section. Now it can be done in two ways:
      1. When the image does not require any editing, just selecting the image from the original text should be sufficient.
      2. When some editing is required, the cleaned/translated image should be uploadable from local drive. Here again volunteers can mark that this image needs editing or a new image is needed. Some people can just contribute to editing remaking the images.

      For mathematical symbols and equations, there is no better alternative than LaTeX, we will have direct support for it in the platform editor.

      There will be general indicators for how much and which part of the book is remaining to be done, where help is needed etc. There will be mutiple out put formats possible.

      The platform has to be collaborative, otherwise it will not work!

      We already have some things being tested in this regard, hope that we can have some release in a few months.

      If you have any ideas where you can contribute or help please let us know.


  3. Nitin says:

    Thanks for updating us on the front and working going on for creating a platform which is good for the mankind who are seeking for the best stuff of russian science and technology.

    Definitely i would love to contribute with my little knowledge in this once i see the platform and modalities of working during the testing of this platform.

    Hope we would also be working on, from the client side, how easier the operation we can make to translate the document in one go minimizing the efforts / clicks of the user in getting the output.

  4. VJ says:

    i have few books that would like to download but the links are dead.
    could someone volunteer to post?

  5. chur says:

    Still doesn’t answer why you insist on using ifile.it when lots of users have asked you to switch to a different one.

    • damitr says:

      It does not and is not intended to. All the supposed problems that were reported were not problems at all, so I see no reason to switch (not able to pass the Turing test? can’t wait for 5 minutes?). And there are many who tell me there is no problem at all. You and others are free to post alternative links (how many have you posted?), if you like them so much and would like others to make use of them. We are allowing them unlike many other sites where they do not allow alternative links. And if you have so much problems with link here, there are lot of other leechers of this site who will provide you with other links.


      • chur says:

        4shared has no waiting time after downloading and doesn’t delete files as often as ifile.it does. Reasons to switch are more than enough, you resist because of some childish stubbornness. Instead of helping people, you act like an arrogant jerk.

        • damitr says:

          You should think before you type: ifile does not “delete files often”, it happened only once (and that can happen to any site including 4shared), and in case you don’t know about it read it here. Why don’t you post links from there? Instead of wasting your and our time in commenting, you could have posted some books whose links are dead to 4shared , that would have been really “helping people” and me of course.


          • chur says:

            You are the one posting the first links, it’s only reasonable for YOU to choose the better filehosting site. If you insist on using this awful website, how am I supposed to do what you say I should do?
            Most of the books you posted on ifile have been deleted already. And granted, that can happen with 4shared. But MUCH less often. It’s no wonder so many people use 4shared: it’s the best choice.
            Stop being such a child and listen to us.

          • damitr says:

            You STILL DID NOT get the point, it happened only ONCE (did you open the link to read, maybe too busy?), and once is NOT OFTEN. And still most people are not having any problems, except maybe a couple like you who want things hand delivered to them. Maybe you have so many important things that you can’t wait for 5 minutes for a download to begin or pass the Turing test for that matter. If you don’t like the links so much don’t use them, no one is compelling you to (but you will anyway). All this just shows that you are just an ungrateful leecher, who has nothing better to do.

            We are not having any more conversation on this topic. Any further comments on this topic will be deleted. Though alternate links are welcome.



  6. vj says:

    Could someone please please please post links for these books?
    I have asked for these books a couple of times – Praying someone takes my request seriously this time.
    For whatever reason these books are not available when I click on them in this website.

    science for everyone – elementary kinematics of elementary particles
    science for everyone – discussions on refraction of light
    science for everyone – differential equations in applications
    science for everyone – temperature
    science for everyone – physical paradoxes and sophisms

    Thanks in advance for your help and consideration.

  7. Kevaurn Jeams says:

    This is an awesome site and i came to know about it from a facebook page…Thanks D…
    And anybody and everybody who get across other good ebooks sites like these plzz post the links.. 🙂

  8. Desikan says:

    Dear Damitr
    I am trying to download Physics for Everyone Landau and Kitaigorodsky from the torrent link. Unfortunately I see that no one is seeding it. Can you help me ?
    I have 2 books with me and I would like to send you. Can you send me your postal address ?

  9. bushan says:

    password didnt work for shilov-ploting-graphs.zip.
    plzz update to original

  10. adhi says:

    even after downloading djvu my file cant be opened landau p for everyone why pls help

  11. itadeufa says:

    Hey Damitr! Why don’t you turn this FAQ post into a FAQ page and put it next to the about, in the main menu? It might be useful to many people.
    By the way, what are your favorite MIR books?

    • damitr says:

      That’s a good idea. Thanks. Will implement it soon. Also along side that I will also have a “How to Help” page.
      Some of my favourites are (in no preferential order),
      Basic Concepts of Quantum Mechanics – Tarasov
      Astronomy for Entertainment – Perelman
      Questions and Answers in School Physics – Tarasov, Tarasova
      Something Called Nothing – Podolny
      The Nine Colours of The Rainbow – Steinhaus
      Miracles on Wheels – Markusha
      Godel’s Incompleteness Theorem – Uspensky

      These are some of the more prominent ones that I am remembering. But the list is not all.


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  13. sree says:

    Do anyone have the book named ‘kuttikkadhakalum chithrangalum’ . What I have mentioned is the Malayalam name of the book, published by progress publishers. This contains stories for kids by Vladimir suteev.
    If someone has that, can you scan and post.

  14. Arnab says:

    Hi Damitr,
    I have a few books but all in russian. I dont know if they would of much help here. I want to however own and read the Soviet books in english. Though I appreciate the efforts to make these books available in e format, I really find it difficult to read e books. Too much strain on eyes i guess. Please suggest a way to buy or obtain the hardcover copies of these books.


  15. harsh says:

    whenever i try to download any book as a pdf,file it is downloaded as winzip/rar. when i extract the file, the link is broken. i have lost many good books because of this frustrating matter. pl fix the problem

  16. s kumar says:

    when i type mirtitles at the extraction point when password is being asked..it says wrong password..please chek this for the book Gusev, Litvinenko, Mordkovich – Solving Problems in Geometry

  17. hamreen says:

    is there any books about electrical and mechanical design of Lunokhod rover ???????????

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