Yakov Perelman – Physics for Entertainment


We now come to Physics for Entertainment by Yakov Perelman. This was one of the first physics books that I have read. The book as was noted in the earlier post has been translated in various Indian languages. These are some of the covers I could find. If you have/know of anymore please suggest them.









The books that are available are the ones in English, (volunteers needed for Indian languages). The date of publication being not printed on both of them, but my guess would be (looking at design of the books) 1950s or 1960s. Both were translated from the Russian by A. Shkarovsky and were designed by L. Lamm and were published by Foreign Languages Publishing House. The later editions and the ones in Indian languages were published by Mir.

You can get Volume 1 here, Volume 2 here  or as a single volume.


All credits to the original uploaders.

Update: Added Internet Archive Link | 07 December 2015

For magnet / torrent links go here.

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14 Responses to Yakov Perelman – Physics for Entertainment

  1. wolfram74 says:

    I have both books in Hindi translated by देवेन्द्र प्र वर्मा , but I do not know to convert them to e book, I have a Canon Digital camera.


    • damitr says:

      Hi Devendra,

      There are many How-to’s to make e-books from cameras. Try http://diybookscanner.org/
      If not just put a glass sheet on the pages (to get even plane) and try to get photos in uniform illumination, that is use an artificial light source. Many other things can be done at software level.
      Also you can see this.
      If you have any doubts please do get back to us.



  2. wolfram74 says:

    Thanks for reply,
    By the way My name is not Devendra, देवेन्द्र प्र वर्मा is name of translator who translated these books from Russian to Hindi.


  3. Pulla Reddy VVVS says:

    Downloaded..When tried to open the file,It says’ Unknown method’.. kindly advice me how to read.


  4. Raj says:

    My dad had bought me the 2nd volume for my birthday! I love russian maths/physics puzzle books, they are the best! Thanks for sharing this online.But, the volume 1 link seems to be dead.



  5. vikram says:

    Cant get physics for entertainment link is failed


  6. M. KULANDAI VELU says:

    I have read the book “PHYSICS FOR ENTERTAINMENT” by Peralman which is wonderful book. Even school student can understand the concepts easily. I am in search of its Tamil language version named “POZHU POKKU BOUDHIGAM” for a long period. But I could not found out.


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