Yakov Perelman – Fun with Maths and Physics

We have talked about Yakov Perelman in detail in an earlier post. We now see one of the wonderful works of him titled Fun with Maths and Physics.

This particular edition was compiled by I. I. Prusakov and was translated from the Russian by Alexander Repyev. Mir Publishers first published this book in 1984 and second printing was done in 1988. The artists involved with this project were:

Cover: I. Kravtsov, V. Stulikov
Artistic Book Design: I. Kabakov, V. Keidan, I. Kravtsov, D. Lion, S. Mukhin, Yu. Perevezentsev, L. Saksonov, A. Sokolov, V. Stulikov, R. Varshamov, Yu. Vashchenko

You can get the book here

Update: Added Internet Archive Link | 07 December 2015

All credits to the original uploader for the 1984 print and thanks to gnv64 for the 1988 print.

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9 Responses to Yakov Perelman – Fun with Maths and Physics

  1. asd says:

    when will you start uploading physics problems books.


  2. pranjal says:

    link to 1984 print are dead


  3. hkvc says:

    gnv64 1988 version shows some corruption wrt background of many pages. Seem to have same issue with few more documents. Haven’t cross checked if these are specific to gnv’s documents, may be some incompatibility between tool used for generation and what I use for viewing (gnome evince) – It says Error: Invalid Font Weight.

    1984 version is fine.


  4. macsons says:

    If you wish you can purchase the physical copy here



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