Many of us have pleasant and unforgettable memories of reading Misha – The Chidlren’s Illustrated Monthly. And suddenly all of them seem to have disappeared. They are no where to be found.

I have found two issues of Misha while browsing the internet. They are:

1983, 3rd Issue

1987, 9th Issue

All credits and a ton of thanks to the original uploader!

Hope that we have the complete issues of Misha some time soon!

Password: mirtitles

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28 Responses to Misha!

  1. Awani Kumar says:

    Thanks for Misha. It’s 1984/03 and not 1983/03.

  2. mir_fan says:

    Thanks , “Sputnik” was also a russian magazine available in india (not children’s magazine).

  3. shiva ram prasad says:

    i am extremely grateful to you.The paper quality the diagrams and the pen friends……so nice to see misha again.Even now i call the girls whom i like as MISHA .

  4. Biju Jose says:

    hei i found a site which gives a lot of books published in Russian version(downloadable ) i am just giving the address i don’t know it will help becoz its not English but you can familiarize with the titles in it and find if it got an english version.


  5. Vincent says:

    Why do you insiste on uploading them to ifiles, my friend? I don’t have the money to pay the premium account that is required to download these files. I thought the purpose of this blog was to spread the knowledge, not keep limiting it…

    • damitr says:

      Do you really need money to download the files? I think not.


      • Vincent says:

        I keep getting the “you need to have a premium account in order to download this file” message…

      • Vincent says:

        Hello? How can I download from ifiles without having to pay for the premium account?

        • damitr says:

          You DO NOT need any premium account for downloading the files. What you need to learn is how to put captcha which proves that you are indeed human. I cannot make it more clear than this.


          • Vincent says:

            Never mind, it was a problem with Google Chrome. It works on every other browser.
            You should really consider another hosting website, though. 4shared has been mentioned, why insist on this one?

  6. gnv64 says:

    Hi damitr!
    I have finally managed to upload the following book. I don’t know if you already have it:

    This Chancy, Chancy, Chancy World
    By Leonard Rastrigin
    Translated from the Russian by R.H.M. Woodhouse
    Mir Publishers | 1984 | ISBN-10: 5030002308 | 287 psges | 9.36 mb
    scanned to PDF by me

    Have you ever sat down and thought about how often chance affects your life? If you have, then you probably realize that chance literally hits us from every side. We live in a world more vulnerable to the vicissitudes of chance than the wildest imagination could devise.
    Chance abounds in an endless variety of forms. Some darken our existence, confound our plans and prevent us from realizing our most cherished ambitions. Others do not affect us, while others still illuminate our lives with all the colours of the rainbow and bring happiness and success (eureka!). But is it really worth talking about chance? What is there to say about it? Chance is chancy, and that’s that.
    In fact there is a great deal we can say about chance and there is even more we can ask about it. For example: how does chaos arise? What is control? How should we act in circumstances involving chance? How can we come to terms with the difficulties that arise from chance obstacles in our lives? What is the Monte Carlo method? Why is learning necessary? What role does chance play in evolution and progress? How is it that our chancy, chancy, chancy world gets along quite well? Is it possible to make it better still? Answers to these and many other questions will be found in this book.

    About the Author
    LEONARD RASTRIGIN graduated in aircraft design from the Moscow Aeronautical Institute and, in 1960, presented his Ph.D. thesis on mechanics. He then made a 179-degree turn and ‘retreated’ into cybernetics, where he studied random search — a new technique for finding optimum solutions to complex problems. Cybernetics brings him both joy and sorrow. His work in this field has gained him his doctorate and a professorship, and he is ijow Director of the only random search laboratory in the world. Here his task is to vindicate the claims of random search and to demonstrate its advantages in practical applications. Professor Rastrigin is a very busy man. Yet no sooner does he have a day off duty than he reaches for his pen. In the space of a few years he has written two monographs and over a hundred scientific articles. This Chancy, Chancy, Chancy World is his first book devoted to acquainting the general reader with his special field of study.

    What is chance? (In lieu of a preface) 11
    Chance Is … 17
    Part I. Chance the Obstacle
    2. CONTROL 39
    Part II. Welcome Chance
    3. CHANCE IN GAMES 176 Heads or Tails? 180 Playing at Secrets 183
    Conclusion 284

    I had a lot of difficulty in scanning this tightly bound paperback. This is the best I could do without damaging my book. I decided to share it as there is nothing better anywhere on the web!

    • damitr says:

      I happen to have the copy of this book. Again as you said it is tightly bound.
      Thanks a ton! Will post it here soon…


  7. gnv64 says:

    I am also in possession of another Mir book called”First Aid” by V.M.Buyanov, 230 pages published in 1982 & English edition in 1985. Not scanned it yet. Do you have it?

  8. somen says:

    while surfing i found a book called “solving problem in geometry “by gusev ,it is available freely in net and i also came to known about a book in chemistry called “do you known chemistry” published by cbs publisher.can anyone provide information about a book called VISUAL GEOMETRY BY MIR PUBLISHER is it in russian or translated to english

  9. David says:

    damit, are you making money out of hosting the files on ifile.it? there’s no good reason to put the files on this awful website! it is slow, the servers are constantly “on full capacity”, most of your previously hosted files have been deleted… please switch to 4shared.

    • damitr says:

      NO I am not making any money, I have better ways of making it (if I wanted I could have put ads). And what is great about 4shared? Lot of people seem to have premium accounts there, and is there a guarantee that files will not be deleted from there? If you are so interested in putting the files there or anywhere else (for whatever reasons), you are free to do so, and help the site in some way instead of making noises. No one is stopping you from doing that.


      • David says:

        Well, there’s no guarantee that files won’t be deleted from there, which is back to square one. Now, the possibility to access them easier, and downloading them without a premium account easier seems like an appealing choice to make past any time, and many users will stop complaining and “making noises”. Also, some users won’t try to access them for some seconds and say “oh, that sucks”, instead they will give you a chance for the great work you are doing. Isn’t that the point, getting knowledge for most people? So, what’s your noise now? What are you going to do?

        • damitr says:

          FYI: You DO NOT need premium account to access files and BTW 4shared also has a premium option, then someone will make noises again for not having premium there. The user below had some problem with browser. Are you part of 4shared, that you are making so much ads?


          • Vincent says:

            The problem with the premium option has been solved. The point is that 4shared is superior in speed and time of files staying up. There’s absolutely no reason for you to remain using ifile.it. 4shared is much better, why not just switch from now on?
            This makes absolutely no sense. We gave you a better option and you insist on using the worse one, for no logical reason whatsoever.

      • Vincent says:

        PLEASE use 4shared!! The books stay online MUCH longer, trust me. Plus, ifile.it’s connection is really bad.
        Almost all your previously posted books have gone offline… I have posted books on 4shared many years ago that are still up!

  10. S.Sanjay says:

    Dear all,
    i have been following Damitr’s contributions from 2009 onwards. it his own drive and vision that he is making available these scans so as to preserve them for posterity and make them available to all and sundry. you need to keep in mind that none other than Damitr purchased this website and maintains it. no one is forcing anyone to visit this site. time and effort go into scanning the books. the pages of this blog are filled with comments like ”i also have many books – can you please post the problem books” – except for gnv64, no one has ever contributed any scan.

    Dear Damitr,
    repeating what i had said earlier – “dayaam kurvanti saadhavah”

  11. tam says:

    Thank you very much for all your great work. The download links are not working. I found that almost all of the http://ifile.it/ links are not working. Please upload it to some other site.

  12. Hello. We are a book store from Bucharest, Romania. We have the complete collection of MISHA from 3 years: 1988, 1989 ( without number 8 ), 1990, ENGLISH VERSION ( 35 numbers ). If you are interested contact us at: contact@artlibris.ro . Have a nice day

  13. Siddharth says:

    I have found one issue of MISHA magazine (March 1984) at http://issuu.com/arohufish/docs/misha843/1

    All credits to Arjun Rajendran for scanning this

  14. enemeh says:


    I have also been a massive fan of Misha. I had several copies but somehow got lost in time. Numerous copies of Misha, bound together by year, have been on the shelves of the Indian Institute of World Culture children’s library in Basavanagudi, Bangalore. The librarian is kind enough to let anybody take a peek at the books. She might be able to let me scan it as well. Let me go there one of these days and let you know.

    I have read a few posts and appreciate your passion.

    All the best.


  15. Bhadra says:

    If any of you have actual copies of these magazines, could you please sell them to me?

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