Mathematical Models of Electric Machines – I. P. Kopylov

The book covers topics devoted to the application the electronic computers to the solutions of problems in electro-mechanics. It is expected that the reader is already familiar with computer programming, and algorithmic languages. The author’s objective is to teach the students how to formulate equations for most of the problems in the analysis of the energy conversion processes in electric machines and  reduce them to a convenient form for their solution by computers. Much consideration is given to analysis of the obtained solutions. Three chapters are devoted to the synthesis of electric machines and the computer-aided design system; the latter being the highest achievements in electro-mechanics.

Primary attention is focused on differential equations of electro-mechanical energy conversion, which form the most general and rigorous mathematical model for describing both transient and  steady-state modes of operation . Polynomial models are also given
due treatment.

The present book is designed for students and postgraduates studying electric machines and also for electromechanical and power engineers engaged in the design and service of electric, machinery.

The book was translated from the Russian by P. S. Ivanov and was first published by Mir in 1984.

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1 . Introduction to Electro-mechanics 9

2. Electro-mechanical Conversion Involving a Circular Field 44

3. Generalized m-n winding Converter 71

4. Typical Equations of Electric Machines 83

5. Energy Conversions involving non-sinusoidal and asymmetric supply voltages 94

6. Multi-winding Machines 116

7. Models of electric machines with non-linear parameters 135

8. Asymmetric energy converters 155

9. The Equations of Electric Machines of Various Designs 166

10. Electric-field and electromagnetic-field Energy Converters 179

11. Application of Experimental Design to Electrical Machines Analysis 190

12. Synthesis of Electric Machines 210

13. Automated Design of electric Machines 225

Appendices 244

Bibliography 272

Index 274


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  3. Khalid says:

    Hi Damitr,

    Thanks for uploading this book. While trying to extract the pdf, the following message was displayed “skipping: Mathematical_Models_of_Electric_Machines.pdf unsupported compression method 99”, before aborting the extraction. Do you know which compression method has been used to create the zip file ?



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    For All Mistakes sorry.
    These all were written by hand by me and copied here.
    Thanks for taking Interest.


  5. Aditya says:

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  6. Siddharth says:

    hey admin
    can you please upload problems in mathematics by v govorov and gn berman ( a book in mathematical analysis) plzzz!!!!!!!!! i need those books for jee preparation


  7. Aasim says:

    Here is the link of Electric Machines Vol 1 and Vol 2 by Ivanov Smolensky
    Vol1 :
    Vol2 :


  8. Aasim says:

    Need the following book
    “Protective Relaying in Electric Power System” by M. Titarenko and I. Noskov – Dukelsky
    Publishers: Foreign Languages Publishing House, Moscow


  9. Angel says:

    Dear Sir,
    Where can I find the book: Higher Mathematics in Exercises and Problems vol.1&vol.2 by P.E. Danko. Could you advice please?
    Thanks in advance


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