Buy New Mir Books Now!


This is a once in a lifetime chance!!

You can see the catalog of Mir books  that Rajan has on his website:

Some of the titles are quite rare and are reasonably priced.

I have recently purchased some books from there.

Hope you too!!

P.S. I know of the following site which has a lot of Mir Books. But they are priced in euros and are at times too high:

There are books in many European and Indian and Arabic languages as well.


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31 Responses to Buy New Mir Books Now!

  1. Ashok says:

    when i click on this link it is giving error ” oops this link is broken” please send the proper link…


  2. damitr says:

    I have updated the link. There was some problem with the hyper-link that I had created. The site was working fine all the time. Thanks for pointing it out.



  3. Khalid says:

    Thank you for this information and aslo for having set this useful website !
    For my part, I am looking for Arabic versions of Mir books. It seems very difficult to find leftovers of this type.
    Do you have any information or tips concerning where I could find these versions (contacts or locations)?
    From my side, if I find something, I’ll e-mail you.



  4. damitr says:

    Thanks for taking interest. I do not know, if we have Arabic ones in India. But you should check L N U, will get some e-books there for sure. Also you can get some books in Arabic at this website

    But they are expensive there.



    • Khalid says:

      Thanks a lot! is horribly expensive, especially if you know that the price of these Arabic versions are around 10 dollars in the market.
      Sorry, but what is L N U ?
      Maybe you alrady knew it, but I also read somewhere that Mir Publishers still go to the international book fairs, but I do not know how I could contact them; their website seems inactive.



  5. damitr says:

    Yes I know that they are expensive. In India they were even cheaper, all below 1 $. Try searching at !



    • Khalid says:

      In any case, and as you wrote in your article if “once in a lifetime chance” you encounter some Arabic Mir books in India, the two references I am looking for are:

      1. Course of Higher Mathematics, by Vladimir Ivanovitch SMIRNOV (4 tomes => 6 books).
      2. Course of Theoretical Physics, by LANDAU and LIFSHITZ (10 tomes => 10 books).

      Should you find them by chance, please felle free to contact me.



  6. Dr. Lalit Patil says:

    Provide some links / scans, friends


  7. Are the books on too expensive? And are their shipping charges very high?


    • damitr says:

      Some of them are expensive, as compared to what most Indians paid for these books. But for the quality of the books, and for the fact that they are all out of print, one can pay that much!


  8. SP says:

    So glad I came across this, I am looking for the collected works of Anton Chekov all volumes. I will get in touch with Rajan. Thanks for this page, i found the link to that page with the list of books for sale.

    Cheers !!!



  9. Kiran Mallapur says:

    Hi there
    My name is Kiran mallapur and I am looking for the old Russian children’s books that used to be available when I was growing up..I see some of these titles on Rajan’s website…would you know whether the site is still active and whether he still has any books left? I would be deeply obliged if you can direct me to where I can get these books.. As I recall they were published by Raduga Publishers and were distributed by Navakarnataka in Bangalore where we lived.
    Do write to me at if you do indeed know anything about these books,



    • The Mitr says:

      I had got some books from Rajan in the past, but now it seems his stock has ended. You can try People’s Publishing House, they may have some Raduga titles still left, and they have also reprinted many titles.
      Otherwise used books shops/ raddi walahs are the ones where you should get them.
      Hope this helps!
      PS: If you are in Bangalore you must visit Blossom’s Book Store at M. G. Road.



  10. Yap Winarto says:

    Wonderful.I am seeking Mechanism for Engineer or Modern Mechanism for Engineer. How can I buy it? The book I am seeking for is full with schematic drawing of mechanism system used in engineering.

    Hope I can get information about it.

    Thank you very much



  11. karan says:

    do the delievers mir books in india? In which form – ebook or hard copy?


  12. amit mshra says:

    dear friends please let me how to get physics books and soviet email is


  13. Hassan Yousef roblah says:

    Hay,I want to get same books of Russian author fyodor Dostoevsky in Arabic language how I get lest of his books in Arabic. Can you send mi these lest to order .


  14. Miguel says:

    Does anyone have bought a book to rajan? It is safe?He is serious?


  15. Vaibhav says:

    I want to buy problem in general physics by VS Wolkenstein


    • JM says:

      Hi all,

      I know there exists a catalog of all books published by MIr Publishers.

      Does anyone have the English version of this catalog? I think this would good be to send a copy of it to Damitr so that he can integrate it to



  16. Siddharth kumar says:

    Hello sir, my name is Siddharth I am an Indian and I want to purchase Hindi version of all about the telescope pls help me.


  17. Eng says:

    Thanks for the great work
    Is there any books on structural dynamics, mechanical vibration, vibration testing
    i will be grateful


  18. rahul says:

    Hi. I have many Raduga & Mir books for sale. If interested you can email me or whatsapp on 9780051220


  19. Sankar Priyadarshan says:

    Hii, I want to buy Soviet children’s story book from mir, raduga etc in English language… Could you please help me to buy those books??


  20. Sankar Priyadarshan says:

    My mail id. sankar. priyadarshan @gmail. Com.. Kindly U can contact me at my mail address.


  21. JC Nuñez says:

    Hello, does anyone like to change some mathematics books from Mir publihser?, you can contact me:


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