From Camp Fire To Plasma – Venstsky

In this post, we will see the book From Camp Fire To Plasma by S. Venstsky.

About the book

A Story of the Many-Century Road Travelled by Metallurgy, Quests and Finds, Riddles and Mysteries, Ideas and Accomplishments.

“Metallurgy in the 20th century bases itself on the latest advances in physics, chemistry, and physical chemistry. In turn, there are many spin-offs from metal-making: progress in these and. indeed, any other sciences would have been impossible without the various materials possessing a broad gamut of truly amazing properties, and these materials come from metallurgy, one of the most ancient, the most advanced.and the most promising of man’s arts.

The book was translated from Russian by Boris V. Kuznetsov was published in 1989 by Mir Publishers.

You can get the book here.

Original Scan by Servants of Knowledge on IA.

Note: The original scan was heavily warped, we have tried to correct it but it was not 100% successful, so you will notice some text warping at places.

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