Motion of Conducting Bodies in A Magnetic Field – Liyelpeter (Ed.)

In this post, we will see the book Motion Of Conducting Bodies In A Magnetic Field
edited by Ya. Ya. Liyelpeter.

About the book

This book represents a collection of articles on the theory of induction, magnetohydrodynamic (MHD) machines with a liquid metal working medium, the electromagnetic processes in an ideal, conducting MHD machine, and the higher spatial harmonics of the magnetic field of an
induction MHD machine. It also discusses the transverse edge effect in plane, induction MHD machines, the longi­tudinal edge effect in linear MHD machines, the pondero-motive forces influencing conducting media in the traveling magnetic field of a cylindrical inductor, and a theory for the propagation of pulsed electromagnetic fields in moving, conductive media.

The book Dvizheniye provodyashchikh tel v magnitnom pole (Motion of Con­ ductive Bodies in a Magnetic Field) which we offer to the reader is a survey of
work on electromagnetic processes in magnetohydrodynamic (MHD) induction ma­ chines (generators, pumps) with working media of liquid metal.
The topics in this collection touch on the theory of MHD machines examined from the so-called electrodynamic approach, i.e., disregarding the magnetohy­ drodynamic effects in the machine channel.
The surveys include most of the papers published on the problem in ques­ tion and several which were in the process of publication as the manuscript was being prepared for press; some original findings are also presented.
It is proposed in the immediate future to devote a separate work to a survey of magnetohydrodynamic phenomena in MHD induction machines.
Please send all requests and criticisms about the book to the Institute of Physics of the Academy of Sciences, Latvian SSR at 19 Turgenev St., Riga.

Translation of “Dvizheniye provodyashchikh tel v magnitnom pole. Akademiya Nauk Latviyskoy SSR, Institut Fiziki, “Zinatne”
Press, Riga, 1966

The book was translated from Russian by was published in 1968 by NASA Technical Translations.

You can get the book here.

Original scan by NASA Technical Translation.

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From the Editorial Board 1

State of the Theory of Magnetohydrodynamic Induction Machines with Working Media of Liquid Metal Ya. Ya. Liyelpeter 1

Electromagnetic Processes in an Ideal, Induction MHD Machine A. K. Veze, L. Ya. Ulmanis 13

Higher Spatial Harmonics of the Magnetic Field of an Induction MHD Machine Yu. Ya. Mikel’son 38

Transverse Edge Effect in Plane Induction Magneto­ hydrodynamic Machines A. Ya. Vilnitis 58

Longitudinal Edge Effect in Linear Induction MHD Machines Ya. Ya. Valdmanis 85

Ponderomotive Forces Acting Upon Conductive Bodies in the Traveling Magnetic Field of a Cylindrical Inductor Yu. K. Krumin’ 99

Theory for the Propagation of Pulsed Electromagnetic Fields in Moving Conductive Media
G. Ya. Sermons 121

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