Instrumentation Manual – Weinberg

In this post, we will see the book Instrumentation Manual (Petroleum Processing and Petro Chemical Industries) by I. Weinberg.

About the book

Continuous progress in petroleum processing and petrochemical industries in the USSR calls for new plants to be put into service and those in operation to be enlarged. The automation of industrial processes is to be raised to new heights in the near future. Particular attention will be given to the improvement of the final product quality.

Each year the instrument-making industry and plants of specialized analytical instrumentation turn out in increasing numbers new instruments and analyzers, and redesign the models series-produced at present with a view to making the process control instrumentation more comprehensive and improving process-stream analysis and control. Every effort is being made by the research laboratories and institutes of the industries that the latest developments in science and technology be in no time put to use. Characteristic of the present stage of automation progress in the petroleum processing and petro-chemical industries is the complete automation of the industrial processes, the use of the commercial on-stream quality analyzers, the automation of the laboratory analysis on the basis of semiautomatic analyzers and means for data acquisition and reduction, and transmission of information to the process operator’s desk or computer.

Besides the scheduled maintenance of the equipment, the instrumentation and control personnel carry out substantial work for the development and introduction of new automatic measurement and control schemes for process units and installations. This is why, along with the specifications of instruments, analyzers, regulators, transducers, etc., used in petroleum processing and petro-chemical industries, the manual covers some concepts relating to metrology, reliability parameters, gives a guide to selecting the appropriate control elements and discusses the characteristics of a unified system of commercial pneumonics. It presents information about the explosion protection of instruments and gives recommendations on the repair and mounting of some instruments and analyzers.

Translated from, the Russian by N. Komissarova
First published 1978
Revised from the 1975 Russian edition

You can get the book here.

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