Kapitza Life And Discoveries (Outstanding Soviet Scientists) – Kedrov

In this post, we will see the book Kapitza Life And Discoveries (Outstanding Soviet Scientists) by F. B. Kedrov.

About the book

This popular book gives account of life and work of the most distinguished Soviet scientist – Pyotr Kapitza, Nobel Laureate in physics in 1978.
Kapitza’s long and eventful scientific career covers studies in post-revolutionary Petrograd, followed by a long period in Cambridge – first as a student then a close colleague of Ernest Rutherford; then, back in the Soviet Union, his work as the founder and Head of the Institute of Physical Problems in Moscow.
This book by F. Kedrov (a well-known popular-science writer) compiled from ‘personal impressions, documents, and a popular exposition of some of Kapitza’s works’ not only describes the scientist’s research into high-power magnetic fields, low temperatures, and later into thermonuclear fusion: it also toucher his other interests and concerns – the training of scientific researchers; the arts and literature; and the pressing world problems of ecology, energy supply, and the thread of nuclear war.

The book was translated from Russian by Mark Fradkin and edited by John Crowfoot. The book was published in 1984 by Mir Publishers.

PS: The original book was in a very bad state when we received it, being partially devoured by the book worms. Though we tried to clean it, it was too much effort to clean everything. So here and there in the book you might see little black circles, those are the holes left by the bookworms!

You can get the book here.

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Steps (Petrograd 1894-1921) 9
Days of Promise (Cambridge 1921-1934) 27
Under the Banner of Science (Moscow 1934-1941) 71
On Another Front (the Great Patriotic War, 1941-1945) 94
May Time Work for Us! (Moscow 1945-1967) 105
Hail the Path! 118
Humanity 138
To Teach Others 146
The Inspired Creations of the Arts 153
Hours of Determined Labour 163
Towards Perfection 178
The Main Biographical Dates 190
Works by P. L. Kapitza 191
P. L. Kapitza’s Honorary Memberships 197
P. L. Kapitza’s Honorary Doctorates 198
P. L. Kapitza’s Awards 199


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