General Geology – Lange, Ivanova, Lebedeva

In this post, we will see the book General Geology by O. Lange; M. Ivanova; N. Lebedeva.

About the book

The book is a basic introduction to geology. The first two chapters talk about the origin of the Earth and its properties, and the outer geospheres of earth: the atmosphere, hydrosphere, biosphere and lithosphere. The next two chapters explore exogenous (such as erosion by various erosion agents) and endogenous process such as earthquakes, volcanoes, tectonic shift. The last chapter discusses the metamorphic process in Earth.

The book was translated from Russian by David Skvirsky and was published in 1963 by  Foreign Languages Publishing House.

Original scan by DLI. Note: Scan quality is poor.

You can get the book here.

Tamil version here.

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Introduction 5

Chapter 1 Origin of the Earth Its Physical and Chemical Properties 11

The Earth in Cosmic Space 11
The Earth’s Shape Physical Properties and Composition 18

Chapter 2 Outer Geospheres of the Earth 28

The Atmosphere 28
The Hydrosphere 38
The Biosphere 63
The Lithosphere 65
General Information on Minerals 85
General Information on Rocks 86

Chapter 3 Exogenous Processes 111

Rock Weathering 111
Geological Action of the Wind 123
Geological Action of Flowing Surface Water 135
Geological Action of Underground Waters Low
Snow and Ice as Geological Agents Vu
Geological Activity of the Sea 189
Geological Activity of Lakes and Swamps 201
Man as a Geological Agent 205
Diagenesis 207

Chapter 4 Endogenous Processes 213

Igneous Activity 213
Intrusive Igneous Activity 215
Effusive Igneous Activity or Volcanism 216
Movement of the Earth’s Crust 230
Earthquakes 230
Epeirogenic Movements 241
Folding and Rupturing Movements 243

Chapter 5 Metamorphism 263

Briefly about the Earth’s Age 266
Hypotheses on the Development of the Earth’s Crust 271
Geological Maps and Sections 277

Name Index 287

Subject Index 289


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